RBI monetary policy committee meeting ends

Cautious optimism: RBI prioritises inflation over growth

RBI expects Indian economy to grow at 7% in FY25, backed by sectoral performances and a favourable monsoon forecast. Read more »
RBI monetary policy committee begins deliberations

RBI monetary policy: Focus on inflation, exports, and growth

With the El Niño threat looming, the RBI monetary policy needs to balance between managing inflation and achieving sustainable growth. Read more »
The rupee free fall

RBI monetary policy: Steady rates steer India through choppy waters

Amid global headwinds, RBI monetary policy prioritises price stability while nurturing India's economic growth trajectory. Read more »
RBI, monetary policy committee meeting

RBI opts for continuity in monetary policy amid uncertainty

#RBI monetary policy has kept the #reporate unchanged at 6.5%, prioritising both #economicgrowth and #inflation control amid a complex global environment. Read more »
unemployment rate is not a nuanced policy tool

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »
RBI MPC meeting

Balancing act: RBI navigates global challenges with confidence

The RBI monetary policy committee stands firm on the #reporate against the backdrop of a global crisis, bolstering India's economic resilience. #interestrate #inflation #mpc Read more »
The rupee free fall

RBI committee faces tough call on repo rate as global growth slows

The Reserve Bank of India may keep the repo rate unchanged to support the growth of Indian economy and reduce uncertainty for investors. #interestrate #inflation #monetarypolicy Read more »
Impact of the US debt ceiling crisis

US debt ceiling crisis exposes global economic vulnerabilities

The last-minute deal to avert the US debt ceiling crisis will have repercussions reverberating across the global economy. #inflation #useconomy #fiscaldeficit Read more »
global monetary policy coordination

Monetary policy coordination among central banks desirable during crises

Coordinated monetary policy can foster global economic growth and improve economic stability, but it affects trade differently than fiscal policy. Read more »
Indian economy

Horses for courses: RBI need not hike interest rates to match Fed

The US has aggressively increased its benchmark interest rate because inflation is 5 times the normal level, but that is not the case for India. Read more »