global methane emissions grossly underestimated

Shooting in the dark: The methane emissions data gap threatens climate action

Many countries are underestimating their methane emissions, complicating climate change mitigation efforts. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Brewing trouble: Climate change can aggravate threat of pathogenic diseases

The threat of more than half of pathogenic diseases such as malaria, dengue, and pneumonia can be worsened by climate change, shows study. Read more »

Climate change: India sets tough emission targets for 2030

Climate change menace: As the world’s third largest carbon polluter, India has finally decided to amp up its existing climate targets meaning the country will work harder to curb its planet-warming emissions. Read more »
methane emissions and climate change

Why curbing methane emissions is crucial in war on climate change

India is the fourth largest source of methane emissions, the impact of which is 28 times greater than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Read more »
green hydrogen is the future fuel

Green hydrogen is cheaper than LNG in Europe

Green hydrogen is still a long way away from becoming a significant player in the global energy equations, but all major economies are investing heavily in producing the fossil fuel alternative. Read more »
Extreme weather events

Climate change: From Paris to Sydney, extreme weather events send out dire warning

Extreme weather events: Parts of the world are experiencing unprecedented heat beating all-time highs in at least a half-dozen countries this summer. Read more »
global warming and methane emissions

Vicious circle: Global warming increases methane emissions, says study

Methane concentration in atmosphere is on the rise as global warming causes higher emissions, slows removal of greenhouse gas. Read more »
char dham road project and himalayan ecology

Char Dham road project should limit damage to Himalayan ecology

Large-scale construction by the strategically important Char Dham road project is causing irreparable damage to the fragile Himalayan ecology and could have disastrous consequences. Read more »

Climate change: India faces credit downgrades for slow global warming steps

Inability to take effective steps to mitigate climate change will lead to higher borrowing costs, impacting the financial position of several emerging economies. Read more »
single-use plastic ban

Single-use plastics: India may struggle to implement ban

Several states tried to ban single-use plastics, but the results were far from encouraging because of industry pushback. Read more »