net zero, pollution

Green gambit: India’s ambitious attempt to achieve net zero

While exceeding solar power targets and promoting sustainable lifestyles, India grapples with financing gaps and policy implementation challenges to meet net zero target. #climatechange #cleanenergy #solar Read more »
ONGC, clean energy

ONGC leads India’s renewable push with Rs 2 trillion roadmap

India's largest oil producer ONGC is making a major move towards net-zero emissions with heavy investments to offset carbon and invest in renewables. #ONGC #climatechange #netzero #energy Read more »

Green hydrogen: Big vs small debate heats up amid de-carbonisation race

The booming green hydrogen industry needs both large-scale and modular solutions to meet demand. #greenhydrogen #environment Read more »
plastic pollution

Plastic pollution: How the throw-away culture snowballed into a crisis

The war on plastic pollution is a fight against the deeply ingrained throw-away culture that has dominated our lives for decades. #plastic #pollution Read more »
SDG6 and water use efficiency

Water use efficiency key to achieving multiple SDGs

Improving water use efficiency requires collaboration across sectors and innovation in water management practices. Read more »
Stanford's liquid battery, green energy

Stanford’s liquid battery poised to revolutionise green energy storage

Stanford researchers develop a liquid battery system that stores renewable energy in a common liquid fuel, potentially solving a major hurdle in the green energy transition. #greenenergy #liquidbattery Read more »
EU carbon tax mechanism

EU’s CBAM: Need to move from carbon tax to climate fairness

Calculation of carbon tax based on cumulative emissions will rectify the disparity in the EU's CBAM mechanism. Read more »
India faces climate adaptation finance gap

India needs a climate adaptation finance fix

Effective adaptation finance requires strong political will, improved institutional coordination, and engaging both public and private resources. Read more »
climate change tipping point

Climate change: New study says 92% of global warming man-made

Record warming in 2023 issues climate change warning, calls for urgent action to avoid catastrophic tipping points. Read more »
World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day 2024: individuals hold power in preserving the planet

World Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, highlighting the need to address desertification and drought for a sustainable future. Read more »