ESG reporting is being embraced by corporates worldwide.

ESG is transforming businesses — slowly but surely

ESG reminds that environmental stewardship, social responsibility and purposeful governance are now the remit of the entire human race. Read more »
COP26 summit at Glasgow

COP26 Summit at Glasgow: Humanity races against time on climate change

At COP26, world leaders will strive to put together adequate climate funds, a Paris Agreement rulebook. Read more »
green bonds to fund clean energy

Centre, states must take green bonds route for clean energy, environment

Governments, private firms must be mindful of exchange rate risks while jumping into the green bonds bandwagon. Read more »
solutions to plastic pollution

Global action alone can’t tackle plastic pollution; innovation, creativity may hold key

Plastic pollution also has a lifetime cost -- the plastic output of 2019 would be around $3.7 trillion, more than the GDP of most world nations. Read more »
climate change and sustainable development

ESG reporting: Climate change, state emergency and stakeholder pursuit

The top climate change risks are converging, making environmental stewardship pivotal to planet sustainability, and global ESG action becoming the bulwark against massive direct impact. Read more »
one distric

Climate change: IPCC warns of looming water crisis

Climate change and the increase in global temperature will trigger changes in the planet’s water cycle -- wet regions will get wetter and arid areas will face droughts. Read more »
tough task to meet climate change targets

World may miss climate change targets; IPCC for damage control

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has called for drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the current decade to stop a climate breakdown. Read more »
challenges to india's arctic policy

Challenges to India’s Arctic policy amid great power rivalry

As the Arctic geopolitics has recently witnessed growing big power involvement and rivalry, India’s Arctic Policy has both challenges and limitations. Read more »
Kerala economy struggling under Covid-19 impact

Kerala’s Coastal Zone Management Plan 2019 raises anxieties – old and new

Participation of communities and local self-governments, scientific studies, and political will are needed for framing a successful Coastal Zone Management Plan for Kerala. Read more »
g7 summit's green belt and road initiative

G7 to launch ‘green belt and road’ plan to counter China

The green belt and road initiative by the G7 summit is seen as an effort by the Western powers to retain world leadership in an era of increasing Chinese influence. Read more »