climate change tipping point

Climate change: New study says 92% of global warming man-made

Record warming in 2023 issues climate change warning, calls for urgent action to avoid catastrophic tipping points. Read more »
World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day 2024: individuals hold power in preserving the planet

World Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, highlighting the need to address desertification and drought for a sustainable future. Read more »
climate change triggers ocean colour change

Oceans change colour as climate change alters marine life

Climate change is causing a large-scale greening of the oceans, with profound consequences for marine ecosystems. Read more »
green hydrogen as an alternative fuel

Green hydrogen: Need to focus on cost-cutting strategies

Large-scale storages could dramatically cut energy prices, making green hydrogen more cost-competitive. Read more »
Rising number of forest fires in Uttarakhand

Forest fires in Uttarakhand: Count on women to save environment

The Uttarakhand government must entrust part of conservation efforts to community leaders and women to prevent forest fires. Read more »
coral reefs bleaching event in Arabian Sea

Coral reefs: Genetic diversity central to preservation strategies

Preserving coral reefs is not just an ecological imperative; it is crucial for safeguarding coastal communities and economies dependent on healthy reefs. Read more »
Global Biofuels Alliance

Global Biofuels Alliance gains traction as nations rally for cleaner energy

With 24 countries now on board, the Global Biofuels Alliance is setting ambitious standards and expanding markets to harness biofuels as a solution amid climate change concerns. #GlobalBiofuelAlliance #biofuels Read more »
heat wave in kerala

Kerala’s heat waves a sign of climate change’s unequal impact

Natural factors like El Niño and human actions like urbanisation exacerbate Kerala's record-breaking heat waves. Read more »

Climate change: India braces for economic, human costs

Investing in renewable energy and green infrastructure can create jobs and safeguard India against extreme weather events caused by climate change. #climatechange Read more »
Inclusive climate finance need of the hour

Funding fairness: Closing the climate finance gap for inclusive future

Inclusive climate finance recognises the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of marginalised groups, fostering local solutions and a more resilient future for all. Read more »