USEPA cuts PM2.5 limits

USEPA’s tougher PM2.5 limits ignite debate on impact, equity

The US watchdog prioritises evidence-based policy on PM2.5 limits to protect citizens from air pollution. Read more »
FAME II, EVs, India, sustainability

EVs vs hydrogen vehicles: Can both ride off into the sunset?

EVs seem to enjoy a lead, but hydrogen-powered vehicles may hold the key to long-haul journeys. #EVs #hydrogenvehicle Read more »
natural gas

India bets big on natural gas, eyes 15% share in energy mix

India steps on the pedal with a $67 billion investment in natural gas sector, looking to double its reliance on the cleaner burning fuel. #sustainability #fossilfuels #naturalgas #Modi Read more »
climate change, healthcare, UHC

India’s climate change woes push healthcare to the brink

Climate change, manifested in the form of rising heat, erratic rainfall, and extreme weather events, is wreaking havoc on India's public healthcare system. #climatechange #extremeweather #public #healthcare Read more »
green hydrogen

Green hydrogen faces reality check amid price rise, uncertainties

From buses sputtered out to homes on hold, early adopter stumbles reveal the true test for green hydrogen, posing questions on its future as a clean fuel. #greenhydrogen Read more »
cities and climate change

Ticking time bomb: Can our cities survive climate change?

The world’s megacities are facing the brunt of climate change with extreme weather, rising seas, and heatwaves ravaging urban centres. Read more »
coal gasification

Can coal gasification clean India’s energy act

India unveils an ambitious coal gasification plan to transform a climate villain, into a cleaner partner for its energy journey. #coal #greenenergy #sustainability Read more »
Climate change, consumerism

Climate change: We need a behavioural revolution to save the planet

Our cravings are crushing the planet -- reduce mindless consumption to avert climate change and eventual human extinction, says study. #climatechange #sustainability #capitalism Read more »
plastic waste

India’s plastic waste problem gets a 21st century roadmap

A new blueprint seeks to tackle India's plastic waste crisis, from data to innovation to behavior change. #plastic #pollution #sustainability Read more »
microplastics, plastic pollution

The health impact of microplastics: A deepening concern

From utensils to oceans, microplastics are everywhere, raising concerns about a silent health threat. #microplastics #plasticpollution Read more »