Attack on the idea of India: A Decade of Social, Political and Economic Strife

How economic burden has shifted to India’s poor

An excerpt from the book 'Attack on the idea of India: A Decade of Social, Political and Economic Strife' by Prasanna Mohanty. Read more »
unemployment, PLFS, reforms agenda

A reforms wish list: Focus on financial inclusion, sustainable policies

Financial inclusion, enhanced net connectivity, better road infrastructure, and modern agriculture are on top of the reforms agenda in the next five years. Read more »
rural India

The rural trap: India must train its workforce on skills for the future

New opportunities in manufacturing and services demand a skilled workforce, and India must employ targeted training to diversify into higher-paying jobs, especially for rural dwellers. Read more »
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Rice subsidies: Rethinking food security in a globalised market

The debate on India's rice subsidies sparks a conversation on alternative approaches to food security for developing nations. #foodsecurity #WTO #rice Read more »
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Road safety crisis: Infrastructure boom to public health emergency

Investment in infrastructure is not enough; India needs a data-driven approach to road safety. Read more »

ETCD guidelines: RBI seeks to balance rupee stability, competitiveness

Postponing the ETCD regulations deadline will reduce volatility in rupee exchange-traded derivatives, particularly options contracts. #Banking #forex Read more »
kerala vs Centre at Supreme Court

Kerala vs Centre: The state must balance welfare spending with fiscal prudence

The Kerala government needs to reconcile its social spending with central borrowing limits to escape economic vulnerability. #Kerala #economy Read more »
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New AIF regulations: Boon for growth or risky rebound

The RBI's relaxed AIF regulations seek to boost investment diversity, but raise concerns about potential systemic risks. #investment #RBI #SEBI Read more »

RBI framework for SROs eyes transparency, accountability, growth

The RBI's framework positions SROs as central figures, fostering a culture of compliance and innovation within India's financial sector. Read more »
India's national TB elimination programme is struggling against the 2025 deadline

National TB elimination programme battles disparity, disease

While tuberculosis case detection rises, uneven state-level cure rates and the financial strain on patients expose India's TB elimination programme. Read more »