green hydrogen demand supply mismatch

Hype vs Reality: Green hydrogen capacity in 2030 may fall short

Only 4% of the green hydrogen projects have been finalised as the sector is plagued by uncertainties about future demand, regulatory frameworks and delivery infrastructure. Read more »
Chinese economy

Chinese economy: Experts see growth engine cranking up soon

Chinese economy is one of the growth engines of the world and even a temporary decline will have disastrous consequences for the global economy. Read more »
Indian economy

Weak rupee leaves few policy options for RBI

The weak rupee will fuel inflation and hurt India’s GDP growth and trade balance. Read more »
US Interest rate hike

Another jumbo interest rate hike by Fed may land the world in recession

The Federal Reserve has already raised its benchmark interest rate by two-and-a-half percentage points since March without making much of an impact on prices. Read more »
European recession

Energy crisis may trigger European recession, unrest

The Russia-Ukraine war may lead to a European recession that threatens to destroy Europe’s industrial prowess and high living standards. Read more »
loss and damage fund, climate change, carbon trading

Global climate change report highlights urgent need for emissions cut

A climate change report by US federal agency proves long-term warming trends continue unabated despite comforting touch of La Nina. Read more »
Indian railways, Budget 2023 and urban infrastructure

Indian economy not out of the woods yet, despite green shoots

Pickup in GST collections and consumer spending no solace for Indian economy which is suffering from high inflation, lacklustre monsoon rains, and global uncertainties. Read more »
RBI repo rate cut

GDP growth: Indian economy faces global headwinds

The GDP growth rate in the April-June quarter was the highest in a year, helped by a revival in domestic demand and a favourable base effect. Read more »
green hydrogen

Two landmark deals will transform green hydrogen industry

The convergence of a number of geopolitical and economic factors have made green hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Read more »

Global warming will fuel wheat price spiral, hit yield in India

Global wheat prices may increase if average global temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius as yield in South Asia and Africa could decline by up to 15%. Read more »