Indian economy vs Chinese economy

Can Indian economy emulate the Chinese miracle?

While there is no doubt about the potential of the Indian economy, it needs to create a world class infrastructure and investment climate to emulate the Chinese miracle. Read more »
Indian economy struggling post-Covid

Indian economy: GST collections bring cheer, but concerns over recovery linger

The growth in GST collections points to a recovery, but questions remain over the trajectory of Indian economy in the coming fiscal. Read more »
Modi addressing cop26 climate change summit

Climate change: 2070 net zero deadline best India could offer

Narendra Modi’s announcement is a departure from India’s climate change stance that developing nations are made to pay for rich nations’ indulgence. Read more »
COP26 UN Climate Change Conference

India face net-zero pressure at climate change summit

At COP26, India may not commit a net-zero deadline despite pressure to adopt stricter measures to fight climate change. Read more »
COP26 climate change summit at Glasgow

COP26 summit: Humanity races against time on climate change

At COP26 climate change summit, world leaders will strive to put together adequate climate funds, a Paris Agreement rulebook. Read more »
more telecom reforms needed.

Telecom reforms package not enough to revive the ailing industry

The telecom reforms do precious little to shrug off the image of India as a rent-seeking state. Read more »
Farm subsidies affect the poorest people in poor countries.

Farm subsidies inefficient, harm health, environment, says UN report

A joint FAO-UNDP-UNEP report urges governments to rethink farm subsidies that are price distorting or harmful to nature and health. Read more »
one distric

Climate change: IPCC warns of looming water crisis

Climate change and the increase in global temperature will trigger changes in the planet’s water cycle -- wet regions will get wetter and arid areas will face droughts. Read more »
India must address the employment crisis triggered by Covid-19.

Worst may be over for Indian economy: RBI

The RBI report paints a rosy picture for the Indian economy, pointing to a pick-up in manufacturing, reversal of contraction in services, and improvement in financial conditions. Read more »
tough task to meet climate change targets

World may miss climate change targets; IPCC for damage control

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has called for drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the current decade to stop a climate breakdown. Read more »