another crisis for global economy

West Asian conflict sends jitters through crisis-ridden global economy

As the #IsraelHamas conflict pushes the global economy to the brink, the central banks will struggle to balance between #inflation control and #economicgrowth. #fed #rbi #ecb #boe Read more »
GST Council to discuss tax rate on online gaming industry

Online gaming industry deserves a progressive tax regime

A forward-looking tax regime and responsible gaming practices can empower India's online gaming industry to reach new heights while ensuring a fair and positive impact on society. #gstcouncil #onlinegaming #sintax Read more »
green bonds

Green bonds and India’s climate ambitions: Challenges and opportunities

India's green bonds market is still in its early stages, but insurance companies are expected to drive demand due to regulatory requirements. #greenbonds #climatechange Read more »
laptop imports by india

Laptop imports: India’s shifting stance creates confusion

India's recent policy flip-flop on laptop imports have investors questioning the nation's commitment to a stable and predictable business environment. #tradepolicy #chineseimports #antidumping #dgft #modigovernment Read more »
crude oil prices

Rising crude oil prices give sleepless nights to policymakers

Soaring crude oil prices pose a significant challenge for governments and monetary authorities around the world. #inflation #RBI#crudeoilprices #crude Read more »
sustainability in Indian companies

India to challenge EU’s carbon border tax at WTO

India has disapproved of the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, perceiving it as a double-punishment and discriminatory trade barrier, and is contemplating filing a complaint with the WTO. #WTO #carbontax Read more »
Borrowing costs, bonds

Borrowing costs shoot up for Indian corporates, signalling financial stress

The government and the RBI must take steps to address the widening of the spread between government and private bonds and to prevent it from having an impact on the economy. #economy... Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS expansion could benefit India, but at a cost

As BRICS expansion will make the grouping a diverse bloc with disparate agendas, India must be cautious about the rising Chinese influence on the grouping. #bricssummit2023 #dedollarisation #unsc #g7 #globaleconomy Read more »
global economy facing recession

Global economy needs coordinated action to mitigate risks

The global economy is facing multiple challenges and uncertainties, from the impact of rising interest rates to the struggles of key sectors and the persistence of #inflation. #globalrecession #economicgrowth Read more »

India sceptical on cryptocurrencies, but open to global cooperation

As India takes the lead at the G20, the nation grapples with regulating cryptocurrencies amid global momentum for digital currencies. #G20 #crptocurrencies #crypto Read more »