India Inc, capex

India Inc delays investment decisions amid uncertainty

The country may have a prolonged economic recovery with India Inc showing reluctance to invest in the face of global uncertainties and demand fluctuations. #IndiaInc #capex #investment #economy Read more »
the unique Bharatiya model of growth

The Bharatiya model: A unique path to inclusive development

The Bharatiya model of growth prioritises balance, #inclusion, and #pragmatism, offering a distinct path to development that other nations can learn from. #indianeconomy # Read more »
RBI monetary policy committee meeting

RBI opts for continuity in monetary policy amid uncertainty

#RBI monetary policy has kept the #reporate unchanged at 6.5%, prioritising both #economicgrowth and #inflation control amid a complex global environment. Read more »
Chinese economy

Chinese economy faces uncertainty amid shifting global dynamics

Chinese economy may experience further slowdown in growth as the country faces a number of headwinds such as high debt levels, and a troubled property sector. #China #economy #GDP Read more »
India's digital rupee or e-rupee

Digital rupee: A paradigm shift in the evolution of money

India's digital rupee marks a transformation in the evolution of money from tangible forms to digital abstractions. #erupee #cryptocurrency #bitcoin Read more »
capex growth

Lending curbs a tightrope walk between capex growth and inflation

India's inflation targeting has inadvertently hampered economic growth, with capex growth by corporates slowing due to lending curbs. #capex #inflation #banks Read more »
IPEF and the global economy

India’s IPEF dilemma: Balancing domestic priorities, global commitments

India's participation in the #IPEF signals its growing role as a regional economic power, but it must safeguard its domestic priorities while making global commitments. #worldtrade #wto #g20 Read more »
highway construction

India’s highway construction programme facing challenges

India's ambitious highway construction programme is facing a number of challenges, including delays, funding shortfalls, and land acquisition issues. #highways #bharatmala Read more »
food inflation

Explained: Why India is highly prone to food inflation

India's long-term economic resilience will depend on its ability to effectively manage food inflation and create a sustainable supply chain. #foodinflation #foodsecurity Read more »
monetary policy and economic growth

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »