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Rising unemployment brings election promises under increased scrutiny

Unemployment woes dominate election campaigns as voters question job creation promises with official data painting a dismal picture. #elections #unemployment #jobs Read more »
India's new FTA model

Rethinking FTAs: The India-EFTA model links trade treaties to investment, jobs

The current FTA model will undergo an overhaul to incorporate clear benefits and consequences outlined for both sides. Read more »
kerala economy troubles

Population-based tax share allocation puts Kerala’s finances in a fix

The current tax allocation system overlooks achievements in human capital development, disincentivising states like Kerala from prioritising education and healthcare. Read more »
India eyes BIMSTEC leadership

BIMSTEC is key to India’s regional leadership ambitions

India must address infrastructure gaps, promote trade, and leverage BIMSTEC to establish itself as a leading power in South and Southeast Asia. Read more »
RBI dividend

RBI dividend bonanza: Infrastructure boost or inflationary threat

RBI dividend bonanza: The Reserve Bank of India's record surplus transfer provides the government with some fiscal space, prompting questions about spending priorities. #RBI #Budget #dividend Read more »

India-ASEAN FTA: Renegotiating a lopsided trade pact

Negotiators seek to address disproportionate trade growth and non-tariff barriers in the upcoming review of the India-ASEAN FTA. #FTA #trade #export #ASEAN #import Read more »

Pakistan plans privatisation drive to save ailing economy

Faced with high unemployment and inflation, Pakistan hopes privatisation will boost its economy. #Pakistan #economy #IMF Read more »
gold price

Gold rush: Can the yellow metal sustain its sheen

Anticipated US rate cuts and safe-haven demand propel gold prices with central bank purchases providing a stable floor. #gold #goldprices Read more »
Biden's move to hurt global trade

Biden’s gambit: Global trade will suffer from bid to shield US industry

Biden administration's protectionist steps seek to bolster US manufacturing while risking long-term consequences for global trade. Read more »