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Budget 2023: Rationalise direct taxes to boost growth

Budget 2023 may simplify and rationalise the complex direct tax regime to boost economic growth at a time when Indian economy is facing global headwinds. Read more »
Budget 2023 on social sector

Budget 2023 will raise social spending despite constraints

Budget 2023 may roll out heavy public spending in education and healthcare as India seeks to tap its demographic dividend. Read more »
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Old pension scheme unsustainable, NPS makes sense for debt-laden states

The RBI has cautioned states against their plan to shift back to the statutory old pension scheme from the participatory national pension scheme. Read more »
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Studying asymmetric distribution of inflation must, says new RBI paper

A paper published by the Reserve Bank of India says there is a need to study of asymmetrical distribution of inflation, especially during the period of uncertainties. Read more »
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Global recession is perilously close, says World Bank

World Bank lowers global growth forecast to 1.7% amid fears of an imminent global recession. Read more »
Budget 2023, subsidies

Govt walks tightrope on subsidies as deficit widens

The government is under pressure to cut subsidies and maintain fiscal discipline at a time when political situation warrants a populist Budget 2023. Read more »
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Indian economy faces mixed signals in the New Year

For the Indian economy, there are several reasons to be cheerful such as the gross NPAs of Indian banks falling to a seven-year low this year, while there are also reasons to... Read more »
Looming energy crisis

Long winter: Europe’s energy crisis is far from over

The year 2023 will be a make or break one for Europe's endeavour to avert a full-blown energy crisis as it faces a supply-demand gap of 27 billion cubic meters. Read more »
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A gloomy new year ahead with trends pointing to a global recession

The indicators point to a global recession in 2023, but its severity will depend on several factors such as the covid situation in China. Read more »
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Budget 2023 must focus on agriculture, rural income

Union Budget 2023 must step up funding for agriculture and rural economy which accounts for a fifth of India's GDP and employs 40% of the workforce. Read more »