RBI raises repo rate

RBI raises repo rate by 50 bps on global cues, inflation fears

Through the repo rate hike, the RBI monetary policy committee has tried to tackle global headwinds and runaway inflation at home. Read more »
Chinese economy

Chinese economy: Experts see growth engine cranking up soon

Chinese economy is one of the growth engines of the world and even a temporary decline will have disastrous consequences for the global economy. Read more »
food subsidy

Govt extends free ration scheme despite food subsidy concerns

Analysts had earlier speculated that the government wasn't likely to take the political risk of stopping the free rations in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where... Read more »
interest rate hike by FED

Interest rates: RBI should go easy on monetary tightening

RBI need not worry about the interest rate differential as the real policy rate in India is around (-)1.50% while that in the US is (-)5.3%. Read more »
weak rupee and inflation rile RBI

Weak rupee leaves few policy options for RBI

The weak rupee will fuel inflation and hurt India’s GDP growth and trade balance. Read more »
Interest rate hike

Another jumbo interest rate hike by Fed may land the world in recession

The Federal Reserve has already raised its benchmark interest rate by two-and-a-half percentage points since March without making much of an impact on prices. Read more »
European recession

Energy crisis may trigger European recession, unrest

The Russia-Ukraine war may lead to a European recession that threatens to destroy Europe’s industrial prowess and high living standards. Read more »
Human development index

India slips on Human Development Index as Covid-19, Ukraine crisis weigh

India slipped to 132nd position in 2022 on the Human Development Index (HDI) from 130th with the country falling behind the global average on all four indices. Read more »
RBI raises repo rate

Indian economy crosses another milestone, but worries linger

Lacklustre GDP, inflation numbers mar the celebrations as Indian economy pips the UK to become the fifth largest. Read more »
Monsoon, agriculture

Deficient monsoon threatens to derail farm output, consumer demand

A fall in the output of paddy, maize, and pulses due to below normal monsoon may fuel inflation and cripple consumer demand during the festive season. Read more »