COP26 summit at Glasgow

COP26 Summit at Glasgow: Humanity races against time on climate change

At COP26, world leaders will strive to put together adequate climate funds, a Paris Agreement rulebook. Read more »
Ongoing coal shortage in India

Coal shortage: Govt policy must focus on steady supply

The current coal shortage in India is caused by a sharp increase in power demand from the economy that is recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
Air India privatisation a move in the right direction

Air India is a bright start; Govt must build on PSU privatisation momentum

Air India sale must embolden the government to hasten its PSU privatisation and asset monetisation programmes. Read more »
Sustainable businesses and ESG reporting

Sustainable business, double materiality, integrated thinking

As double materiality is fundamental to integrated thinking that will drive sustainable businesses, there is no viable alternative. Read more »
e-shram portal for unorganised labourers

Lack of credible data may render e-Shram portal ineffective

The effort of e-Shram portal to bring a large number of unorganised labourers under the social security net may fall flat in the absence of quality employment data. Read more »
Applied financial econometrics: theory, Methods and Application by Moinak Maiti

Book Review: Applied Financial Econometrics: Theory, Methods and Application

Applied Financial Econometrics: Theory, Methods and Application by Moinak Maiti is an attempt to express the complex topics in a very simple way without losing the intuitive grasp. Read more »
A case for caste census

Caste census will answer some inescapable questions – go for it

Without a comprehensive Socio Economic and Caste Census, affirmative action is just shots in the dark. Read more »
more telecom reforms needed.

Telecom reforms package not enough to revive the ailing industry

The telecom reforms do precious little to shrug off the image of India as a rent-seeking state. Read more »
Space sector in India needs decentralisation, privatisation.

Space sector in India: Why state governments should play a role

For achieving the goal of contributing $50 billion to the Indian economy 2024, the space sector in India needs innovative policy changes. Read more »
future of trade unions in a changing world

Uncertain future: Trade unions can reinvent themselves

The future of trade unions depends on their ability to expand their base in the informal sector, including the informal segment of the formal sector. Read more »