India's UN Security Council presidency

UN Security Council: Demography, democracy in India’s favour

India should keep issues like Covid-19 and environment out of the UN Security Council; its global engagement should focus on achievable targets. Read more »
Covid-19 and public health system

Covid-19 lessons: India needs cooperative federalism of the flexible kind

Extreme centralisation or total decentralisation may not help contain the Covid-19 pandemic, but flexible Centre-state relations may. Read more »
the Model Tenancy Act 2020 beneficial to both tenant and landlord

The Model Tenancy Act 2020: Towards a maintainable, inclusive rental market

The states should adopt the Model Tenancy Act 2020 to provide guidelines to strengthen and balance the rental market with time-bound dispute resolution. Read more »
Covid-19 third wave

Build on trust: Creating successful public health communication amid Covid-19

Trust is the cornerstone of effective public health communication where government makes people feel empowered in a way that makes them feel they are in control. Read more »
Confusion over cryptocurrencies in India

Legends of the fall: Govt, RBI must clarify on cryptocurrencies

While the government is sending out confusing signals on cryptocurrencies, currency regulator RBI has been silent for a long time. Read more »
more GST sops needed

Govt must unleash more GST concessions amid Covid-19 crisis

In the light of the gloomy economic growth forecasts, the government must announce big ticket GST sops to mitigate the crisis triggered by Covid-19. Read more »
india's higher education sector needs heavy investment

Women and employment: How economic liberalisation failed to address inequalities

A study of economic development in South Asia reveals the inability of the economies to generate quality employment, especially for women. Read more »
unemployment in india

Unemployment, uncertainty chipping away at India’s demographic dividend

Creating decent and sustainable employment opportunities for youth to move out of poverty will help realise the demographic dividend offered by India’s youthful population. Read more »
job loss among women due to Covid-19 outbreak

Women bear the brunt of job losses as Covid-19 devastates Indian economy

The government must strengthen access to social protection and step up public spending to compensate job losses suffered by women in the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
India fertilizer policy

Fertilizer policy 2021: Govt faces Hobson’s choice on price hikes

A two-pronged fertilizer policy for efficient use of nutrients can help the industry tide over the crisis triggered by high raw material prices. Read more »