migrant workers healthcare crisis

Lost in translation: Migrant workers’ healthcare rights still a chimera

Government schemes offer healthcare portability for migrant workers, but implementation gaps leave them in the lurch. Read more »
green hydrogen market hots up

Green hydrogen can unlock India’s sustainable energy future

Green hydrogen has emerged as a game-changer for decarbonisation, with nations vying for leadership in the clean fuel market. Read more »
policy circle image

Road safety crisis: Infrastructure boom to public health emergency

Investment in infrastructure is not enough; India needs a data-driven approach to road safety. Read more »
India's external sector

From remittances to robotics: Redefining India’s external sector in a tech-driven world

India is reimagining its external sector, adapting to technological advancements, and forging new pathways for global economic integration. Read more »
PLI scheme in solar manufacturing

PLI scheme to power India’s solar manufacturing ambitions

India ignites its domestic solar manufacturing industry through the PLI scheme, eyeing global leadership in the renewable energy sector. Read more »
RBI monetary polcy committee meeting

RBI @ 90: A legacy of resilience, inclusion, and innovation

The RBI's 90-year journey reflects its unwavering commitment to fostering a robust financial system that fuels India's economic ambitions. Read more »
Solutions to Delhi's air pollution crisis

Delhi’s air pollution crisis begs for lasting solutions

Collaborative efforts and innovative strategies key to a permanent solution to Delhi's air pollution crisis. Read more »
WTO dispute settlement system under pressure

Legacy vs reform: Can WTO reclaim its role as global trade referee?

With the appellate body stalled, the WTO's effectiveness in fostering predictable trade is under scrutiny. Read more »
India's rising female labour force participation rate

Decoding India’s rising female labour force participation

Research suggests that India's rising female labour force participation might be driven by economic hardship, not job creation. Read more »
Big power rivalry in Arctic region

The Arctic standoff: Implications of new western sanctions on Russia

With escalating US sanctions and Russia's pivot to China, the Arctic has become a new front in the intensifying big power rivalry. Read more »