Missing India census 2021

Census 2021: The data shadow over India

Delayed Census 2021 and increasingly fuzzy data blur visibility for researchers and policy makers. Read more »
rbi norms for digital lending

RBI digital lending norms silent on lending scamsters

The digital lending guidelines announced by RBI will protect borrowers by ending malpractices prevalent in the digital lending ecosystem. Read more »
New drugs Bill

New drugs Bill: Govt must balance needs of pharma business with public interest

The new drugs bill has done away with some tough penal provisions covering quality of drugs and clinical trials. Read more »
gold demand in india

Gold demand: Uncertainties, policies weigh despite inflation

Gold demand and prices usually rise during times of economic turbulence, but the outlook looks uncertain this year. Read more »
income inequality and labour share

Falling labour share highlights high income inequality in India

Between 1993 and 2012, Indian GDP grew at an annual average rate of 7%, but the top 1% earners walked away with about 30% of national income, leading to higher income inequality. Read more »
India frittering away its demographic dividend

‘India is losing its demographic dividend amid jobless growth’

Policy should address the issue of demographic dividend – India is producing a large labour force that needs to be employed gainfully. Read more »
consumer protection mechanisms being destroyed systematically

Consumer protection: India’s redressal mechanisms being destroyed by apathy

The government’s consumer protection efforts should strike a balance the between the health of the economy and the wellbeing of consumers. Read more »
Income inequality and multidimensional poverty in India

The nations within: Inequality poses a big challenge for India

India’s poorest states need to revamp their development strategies to bridge the widening inequality with the developed states in the southern and western regions. Read more »
vpn guidelines violate data privacy norms

VPN guidelines must balance cyber security, privacy needs

The VPN guidelines in the current form go against the spirit of the provisions of the Data Protection Bill which is yet to become law. Read more »
char dham road project and himalayan ecology

Char Dham road project should limit damage to Himalayan ecology

Large-scale construction by the strategically important Char Dham road project is causing irreparable damage to the fragile Himalayan ecology and could have disastrous consequences. Read more »