campus sustainability and sdgs

Campus sustainability key to India’s commitment to sustainable development

Indian universities must look beyond curricula, student intake, faculty development, and infrastructure building to focus on campus sustainability. Read more »
An agenda for India’s G20 presidency

India’s G20 presidency: Thrust is on reformed multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency is an opportunity to revisit the policy mechanisms deployed to make them more effective and relevant. Read more »
huge metaverse marketing opportunity

What is metaverse marketing? Why it is important?

The metaverse marketing opportunity is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.1% to $758.6 Billion in 2026. It offers a huge opportunity to India, a reservoir of creative and IT talent. Read more »

G20, regional blocks reinvent multilateralism

As it prepares to assume G20 leadership, India can learn from its Asian peers a lesson or two on leveraging soft power to promote national interest. Read more »
democracy index rankings

Flawed practices behind India’s low democracy index rankings

The institutions that publish democracy index rankings are not biased, but they fail to filter out the biases of people who conduct the studies, says Salvatore Babones. Read more »
cop27 un climate change summit

COP27: India’s ancient learnings can help climate change mitigation efforts

At COP27, India’s Mission LiFE initiative can offer a blueprint for individual and collective action towards climate change mitigation through age-old sustainable practices. Read more »
inflation and interest rates

Sticky inflation: RBI note to govt may blame supply side factors

RBI monetary policy committee may continue with inflation targeting through interest rate hikes till the repo rate hits 6.50-6.75% levels. Read more »
promoting organ donation in India

Policy alternatives for promoting organ donation in India

Policy options to promote organ donation in India would include mandated choice along with strong data protection, enhanced policing and judicial capacity. Read more »
Rishi sunak

Rishi Sunak must learn from Liz Truss flop show

Rishi Sunak will have to grapple with an economic crisis, troubled government finances, and industrial unrest triggered by a cost-of-living crisis. Read more »
esg focus on sustainability

Sustainable profits: How ESG is helping businesses shift focus

ESG thinking has brought the focus on evolutionary governance that seeks to achieve sustainable profitability. Read more »