A universal pension scheme for India

Need a universal pension scheme for dignified retirement in India

A universal pension scheme can bridge the gap in coverage, offering financial security to millions of elderly citizens. Read more »
Kerala coastline

Kerala’s coastline crisis: Rising seas, disappearing land, and women on the frontlines

Climate change disproportionately impacts women in Kerala, making a gender-sensitive approach to adaptation and mitigation crucial. #Kerala #coast #climatechange Read more »
Nvidia global leader in chipmaking

Rise of Nvidia: How chipmakers are shaping the future of geopolitics

Nvidia's dominance in AI chips positions it as a central player in the emerging global competition for technological superiority. Read more »
Rise in migration from Kerala

Brain drain: Impact of changing migration patterns on Kerala economy

Outward migration from Kerala has grown significantly, with women and students leading the trend. Read more »
steel industry and climate change

Steel industry in race to forge a sustainable future

The steel industry has initiated drastic changes to cut carbon emissions and become a climate warrior. Read more »
Remittance, UPI

Remittance revolution: UPI, CBDCs can bring down transfer costs

UPI's efficiency and CBDCs' potential for bypassing intermediaries offer India a powerful one-two punch to slash remittance fees. #UPI #transfer Read more »
infrastructure investments in India

Infrastructure investment: Need to mitigate risks for private sector

Despite successful examples like Delhi Airport, recent project failures and regulatory uncertainty discourage infrastructure investments. Read more »
SDG6 and water use efficiency

Water use efficiency key to achieving multiple SDGs

Improving water use efficiency requires collaboration across sectors and innovation in water management practices. Read more »
EU carbon tax mechanism

EU’s CBAM: Need to move from carbon tax to climate fairness

Calculation of carbon tax based on cumulative emissions will rectify the disparity in the EU's CBAM mechanism. Read more »
Female representation in Lok Sabha

Female representation in politics a story of missed opportunities

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections present a mixed picture for female representation, with rising candidate numbers but a declining success rate. Read more »