High wheat prices to singe the world

Low output in 2022 will keep wheat prices elevated next year

Major producers China, India and Ukraine are likely to see a fall in output that will lead to lower supplies and high wheat prices in 2023. Read more »
uttar pradesh economy gets a big push

An agenda for making Uttar Pradesh a $1tn economy

Higher spending in education and healthcare is a surefire way to make Uttar Pradesh a growth engine for the Indian economy. Read more »
rbi interest rate hike

Interest rate hike: Can RBI avert a hard landing

The Reserve Bank of India seems to have fallen behind the curve on inflation and may be forced to tighten abruptly by raising interest rates. Read more »
ZED certification scheme relaunched

Govt launches ZED certification scheme 2.0 for MSMEs

ZED certification scheme looks to help MSMEs reduce wastage, increase productivity, improve environmental consciousness, and expand markets. Read more »
New credit card guidelines from RBI

RBI issues stringent credit card guidelines to protect customers

RBI’s fresh credit card guidelines for issuers contain several provisions that protect and empower cardholders. Read more »
twitter climate change denial

Post truth: Twitter ban on ads pushing climate change denial may yield little

Twitter to ban ads propagating climate change denial, but similar action by Google, Facebook failed to stop spread of misinformation. Read more »
covid-19 risk from air pollution

Air pollution raises Covid-19 risk among young adults: Study

The findings by scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm that link infection risk of Covid-19 and exposure to common pollutants should worry policymakers in India. Read more »
IMF world economic outlook

IMF cuts growth projections for 2022, ups inflation forecast

The IMF World Economic Outlook issues dire inflation warning, calls for interest rate hikes to avoid inflationary spiral. Read more »
indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Indian economy: Ukraine conflict, slow private investment pose risks

Indian economy is vulnerable to spikes in crude oil prices as the country depends on imports to meet 80% of its energy needs. Read more »
WPI inflation on the rise

WPI inflation soars to record 14.55% in March

Rise in commodity prices triggered by global supply chain disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict blamed for the record-breaking run of WPI inflation. Read more »