India abortion laws

Abortion laws take a progressive turn, but challenges remain

The stigma associated with sexual relations and pregnancy before marriage may negate India’s advantage of having progressive abortion laws. Read more »
draft telecom bill

Draft telecom Bill: Govt must address privacy, licensing concerns

The draft telecom Bill skirts concerns over the draconian surveillance provisions built over the archaic laws of the British era that threaten the fundamental rights of citizens. Read more »
Chinese economy

Chinese economy: Experts see growth engine cranking up soon

Chinese economy is one of the growth engines of the world and even a temporary decline will have disastrous consequences for the global economy. Read more »
food subsidy

Govt extends free ration scheme despite food subsidy concerns

Analysts had earlier speculated that the government wasn't likely to take the political risk of stopping the free rations in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where... Read more »
banks, NPA, India banking system

NPAs: Delays, haircuts will lead to tight lending norms

As resolutions under IBC 2016 and the SARFAESI Act 2002 involve major haircuts, banks and the RBI may look at tighter NPA guidelines. Read more »
weak rupee and inflation rile RBI

Weak rupee leaves few policy options for RBI

The weak rupee will fuel inflation and hurt India’s GDP growth and trade balance. Read more »

Global payments system: Can India present UPI as alternative to SWIFT

UPI vs SWIFT: India has an onerous task at hand as it looks to push the homegrown UPI as an alternative to SWIFT, dominated by western countries. Read more »
national logistics policy

National logistics policy will boost Indian economy, exports

The announcement of the national logistics policy is a timely step, but it needs to be accompanied by efforts to improve the country’s rail, air, road and water transport networks. Read more »
Interest rate hike

Another jumbo interest rate hike by Fed may land the world in recession

The Federal Reserve has already raised its benchmark interest rate by two-and-a-half percentage points since March without making much of an impact on prices. Read more »
big tech regulation

Big tech regulation: Global consensus the need of the hour

While there is general agreement on the need for big tech regulation, the powerful digital firms are resisting all attempts towards this goal. Read more »