data protection act 2023

Data Protection Act: Big Tech on government’s cross-hairs over compliance deadline

Big tech firms such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft face a stiff challenge as they prepare to adapt to India's stringent data protection Act. #dataprivacy #DigitalPersonalDataProtectionAct2023 #bigtech Read more »
crude oil prices

Rising crude oil prices give sleepless nights to policymakers

Soaring crude oil prices pose a significant challenge for governments and monetary authorities around the world. #inflation #RBI#crudeoilprices #crude Read more »
The Women's Reservation Bill 2023

Women’s Reservation Bill: A landmark in addressing gender disparities

The Women's Reservation Bill could be a watershed moment in enhancing women's representation in state and national policymaking, marking a pivotal step towards achieving gender parity. #Women'sReservationBill Read more »
old pension scheme vs new

OPS vs NPS: Reviving the old pension scheme could spell fiscal doom

States reverting to the Old Pension Scheme from the National Pension System risk escalating fiscal liabilities by 4.5 times, jeopardising their economic stability. #OPS #NPS #oldpensionscheme Read more »
carbon border tax, CBAM

India to challenge EU’s carbon border tax at WTO

India has disapproved of the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, perceiving it as a double-punishment and discriminatory trade barrier, and is contemplating filing a complaint with the WTO. #WTO #carbontax Read more »
food inflation

Beyond price tags: India’s food inflation crisis explained

Amid global supply challenges and fluctuating monsoons, India grapples with food inflation, prompting urgent calls for strategic policy interventions. #inflation #monsoon #foodprices Read more »
india economic development

From GDP to Growth: A new approach to economic development

Policy makers need to shift focus from the traditional GDP analysis to examining the financial positions of key economic participants for sustainable economic development. #gdp #economicdevelopment #fiscaldeficit #currentaccountdeficit Read more »
Starlink, satellite internet

Starlink on cusp of India launch, DoT to meet on Sept 20

Elon Musk's Starlink could bring faster, more affordable internet to India's rural areas, but spectrum allocation is a key hurdle. #Starlink #satelliteinternet Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

US economy: Sticky inflation, strong dollar to test Fed policy

The #Fed may hold its benchmark interest rate steady at a 22-year high, but the US economy’s struggle against sticky #inflation may linger. #useconomy #interestrates #federalreserve Read more »
Borrowing costs, bonds

Borrowing costs shoot up for Indian corporates, signalling financial stress

The government and the RBI must take steps to address the widening of the spread between government and private bonds and to prevent it from having an impact on the economy. #economy... Read more »