The rupee free fall

RBI battles relentless rupee slide: Can fresh investments stem the tide?

Despite RBI intervention, the rupee remains vulnerable due to a potential shift in US monetary policy and global economic slowdown. #rupee #monetarypolicy #RBI Read more »
India demographic dividend

Modi 3.0: Bold reforms needed to Unleash demographic dividend

India must address the mismatch between education and the demands of the modern job market to capitalise on its demographic dividend. Read more »
India's residential real estate market

Residential real estate: Rising demand fuels double-digit growth

India's residential real estate market is witnessing a boom fuelled by strong demand and infrastructure development. #realestate #housing Read more »
RBI norms for overseas funds

Overseas funds: Indian investors go global as RBI eases norms

RBI's relaxed regulations empower Indian investors to diversify their portfolios with overseas funds. Read more »
AI boost to productivity

AI can trigger productivity growth, economic boom

While boosting productivity is crucial, AI's true potential lies in fostering innovation and sustainability. Read more »
Special category status

Explained: Special category status to Bihar, Andhra will open a pandora’s box

Special category status offers financial aid to a few states, creating an uneven playing field for others. #financecommission #Bihar #AndhraPradesh #specialcategorystatus Read more »
China leads the world in green hydrogen

China surges ahead in green hydrogen race, threatens fossil fuel dominance

China's progress in electrolyser capacity positions it as a world leader in green hydrogen production. Read more »
climate change tipping point

Climate change: New study says 92% of global warming man-made

Record warming in 2023 issues climate change warning, calls for urgent action to avoid catastrophic tipping points. Read more »
Central Excise Bill 2024

Central Excise Bill 2024 targets loopholes, simplifies compliance

The Central Excise Bill 2024 looks to overhaul a pre-Independence era law, simplifying excise duty collection and curbing misuse in Special Economic Zones. #CentralExciseBill2024 #excise #GST #VAT Read more »
Reforms agenda, Modi 3.0, economic reforms

Reforms agenda of Modi 3.0 will face challenges, delays

Coalition compulsions will force the BJP to carefully negotiate and make compromises, complicating the path towards crucial reforms agenda. #election2024 #BJP #policy #reforms Read more »