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Budget 2023: Focus on clean energy and climate change

India’s response to climate change is very important for the planet’s future and it hinges on the country switching from coal-based electricity to green energy. Read more »
the basic structure of the Constitution

Judiciary vs executive: Tussle over the basic structure may spill over

The tussle between the judiciary and executive over the Collegium system and the basic structure of the Constitution highlights the delicate balance of power and the need to maintain the separation of... Read more »

Govt proposes changes to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Inherent flaws in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code lead to more liquidations than resolutions -- between December 2016 and March 2022, 47% of corporate insolvency processes went into liquidation while just 14%... Read more »
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Old pension scheme unsustainable, NPS makes sense for debt-laden states

The RBI has cautioned states against their plan to shift back to the statutory old pension scheme from the participatory national pension scheme. Read more »
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Online gaming: Regulation must inspire confidence among stakeholders

India should not squander the opportunity to be a world leader in online gaming by over-regulation of the sunrise industry. Read more »
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India eyes own mobile operating system to rival Android, iOS

Taking on Android, iOS will be a tough task, and the effort towards a new mobile operating system can only be justified in terms of challenging the monopoly position enjoyed by Google... Read more »
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Studying asymmetric distribution of inflation must, says new RBI paper

A paper published by the Reserve Bank of India says there is a need to study of asymmetrical distribution of inflation, especially during the period of uncertainties. Read more »
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Global recession is perilously close, says World Bank

World Bank lowers global growth forecast to 1.7% amid fears of an imminent global recession. Read more »
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India must learn from China’s Covid-19 management fiasco

The government must avoid temptation to end Covid-19 vaccination programme and call all clear on the pandemic threat. Read more »
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Cracks in Joshimath point to crisis in Himalayan ecology

Himalayan ecology in crisis: Heavy construction projects seem to have done irreversible damage to Himalayan ecology and human habitats around the mountain range. Read more »