RBI repo rate cut

Glad tidings: RBI may keep repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

Stellar GDP growth and other favourable factors may prompt RBI to keep the policy repo rate unchanged in the next meeting. Read more »
Impact of the US debt ceiling crisis

US debt ceiling crisis exposes global economic vulnerabilities

The last-minute deal to avert the US debt ceiling crisis will have repercussions reverberating across the global economy. #inflation #useconomy #fiscaldeficit Read more »
RBI MPC meeting begins

RBI must focus on growth amid global turmoil

The #RBI must follow the lead of the #Fed and other central banks that have moderated rate hikes and end the #reporate hike spree for now. #globalrecession #inflation #gdpgrowth Read more »
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Repo rate hike: Time for the RBI to press the pause button

Considering that retail inflation is ruling below the RBI’s tolerance limit and the economy is showing resilience in the face of global headwinds, RBI can afford to put the brakes on the... Read more »
India's female labour force participation rate is low

Skilling of women, quotas can boost female labour force participation

Higher female labour force participation in India would lead to optimum utilisation of available human talent and can boost the GDP by 27%. Read more »
Indian economy

RBI MPC meet: Market braces for a moderate interest rate hike

The RBI panel is unlikely to go in for another aggressive interest rate hike that could hurt growth at a time when the global economy is staring at a recession. Read more »
Pulapre Balakrishnan’s book India's Economy from Nehru to Modi: A brief history

India’s economy from Nehru to Modi – a conversation with Pulapre Balakrishnan

Pulapre Balakrishnan’s book 'India's Economy from Nehru to Modi: A brief history' traces the evolution of economic thought under the country's prime ministers. Read more »
india inflation vs economic growth

‘Inflation threat overstated; India will grow at steady pace’

Inflation in India is not because of fiscal or monetary profligacy, so there is no need to emulate aggressive rate hikes by the West. Read more »
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Interest rates: RBI should go easy on monetary tightening

RBI need not worry about the interest rate differential as the real policy rate in India is around (-)1.50% while that in the US is (-)5.3%. Read more »
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Horses for courses: RBI need not hike interest rates to match Fed

The US has aggressively increased its benchmark interest rate because inflation is 5 times the normal level, but that is not the case for India. Read more »