Urban unemployment data

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »
rooftop solar

Navigating climate finance — from greenbacks to green bonds

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the financial sector must confront the challenge of identifying and mitigating risks to climate finance. #greenbonds #climatechange #netzero Read more »
quality education and demographic dividend

Monetary policy: India needs tailored steps to unlock its growth potential

India's #GDPgrowth rate ranks among the world's highest, but it remains below its long-term growth potential, raising concerns about the country's ability to tap its #demographicdividend. #forexreserves #rbipolicy Read more »
sustainability and intergenerational equity

India must invoke ancient wisdom for sustainability

India needs to rethink #sustainability beyond a few decades and must travel back a few thousands of years to unveil the #intergenerationalequity inherent to our ancient wisdom. #climatechange #g20 Read more »
RBI monetary policy statement

RBI committee faces tough call on repo rate as global growth slows

The Reserve Bank of India may keep the repo rate unchanged to support the growth of Indian economy and reduce uncertainty for investors. #interestrate #inflation #monetarypolicy Read more »
RBI monetary policy statement

Glad tidings: RBI may keep repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

Stellar GDP growth and other favourable factors may prompt RBI to keep the policy repo rate unchanged in the next meeting. Read more »
Impact of the US debt ceiling crisis

US debt ceiling crisis exposes global economic vulnerabilities

The last-minute deal to avert the US debt ceiling crisis will have repercussions reverberating across the global economy. #inflation #useconomy #fiscaldeficit Read more »
RBI MPC meeting begins

RBI must focus on growth amid global turmoil

The #RBI must follow the lead of the #Fed and other central banks that have moderated rate hikes and end the #reporate hike spree for now. #globalrecession #inflation #gdpgrowth Read more »
Indian economy

Repo rate hike: Time for the RBI to press the pause button

Considering that retail inflation is ruling below the RBI’s tolerance limit and the economy is showing resilience in the face of global headwinds, RBI can afford to put the brakes on the... Read more »
G20 seeks to promote gender parity

Skilling of women, quotas can boost female labour force participation

Higher female labour force participation in India would lead to optimum utilisation of available human talent and can boost the GDP by 27%. Read more »