All Inclusive Economic Development offers a better measurement of economic progress.

All Inclusive Economic Development: The GDP alternative offers a better measure of progress

Gross domestic product is a narrow and an inadequate metric to capture the holistic and true value...

RBI policy must focus on financial system stability

The Reserve Bank of India

RBI must support government spending to kick-start growth

economic growth after covid-19

Inflation focus must end: RBI should cut rates by 100 bps

South Asia trade

South Asia trade: India must forge close economic ties to ease regional tension

India is the largest producer of milk.

Why India should avoid milk powder imports

India became self-sufficient in milk and milk products in 1970s, Indian milk products are in demand globally...
Vande Bharat Mission flights to Kerala

Did Kerala fail its expats in Gulf countries?

Indian curbs on Chinese FDI

Anticipating Chinese retaliation for India’s FDI restrictions

plastic waste pollution on the rise

1.3 trillion tonnes of plastic waste to be dumped by 2040

At least 710 million tonnes of plastic will be generated even if governments take concerted action to...
global warming leads to climate crisis

Global warming to test 1.5C limit set by Paris Agreement

Alps turning pink

Environmentalists see red over pink ice in Italian Alps

tamil nadu social protection

Social protection in Tamil Nadu: Covid-19 highlights need for universal coverage

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to strengthen the life-cycle approach of the relatively well-developed social...
covid pregnancy

Covid-19: Pregnancy and childbirth in the times of coronavirus pandemic

coronavirus death rate in India

Covid-19 updates: India’s case fatality rate drops to 2.25%

covid vaccine race

Covid-19 vaccine: The thrilling race for the magic bullet


Addressing livelihood issues of fisherfolk during fishing ban