chinese economy in big trouble

Explained: Can Chinese economy weather the current crisis

With its huge domestic market and manufacturing prowess, the Chinese economy can avert a Japan-style stagnation.
indian economy registers rapid growth

Confusion prevails over the state of Indian economy

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022

Explained: America’s Inflation Reduction Act 2022 is more about environment

IMF on rupee

RBI raises interest rate; IMF wants rupee to be left alone

uttar pradesh economy thriving

Uttar Pradesh economy: A systemic approach to $1 trillion

Are PSU banks inefficient?

RBI paper busts the myth of inefficient PSU bank

PSU banks key to financial inclusion, more efficient than private counterparts in financial services delivery, says RBI...
Atmanirbhar Bharat is a programme of enormous magnitude and scope, however, most of the benefits will accrue only in the long run

Textile industry: India bid to fill in for China faces hurdles

BMW announces hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars: BMW takes a leap of faith

renewable energy projects on farm land

Unplanned renewable energy drive threatens food security, biodiversity

A TNC study of land use patterns by renewable energy projects found that more than 85% of...
threat of climate endgame

Climate endgame: Governments must prepare for worst-case scenarios

global methane emissions grossly underestimated

Shooting in the dark: The methane emissions data gap threatens climate action


Post-Covid-19 syndrome: Government must brace for the gathering storm

The worst of Covid-19 pandemic may be over, but the flurry of problems classified as post-covid syndrome...
talc powder cancer

Talc powder decision: Lawsuits may have forced J&J hand


Covid-19 loosens its grip, but is the worst over?

e-cooking is clean cooking

Cheap electricity central to India’s clean cooking transition

National Rural Livelihood Mission

Rural livelihood mission must focus on non-farm jobs