India fishermen

Fisheries needs credit sops, social security net to stay afloat

Given the importance of fisheries in terms of employment and exports, a comprehensive package is needed for...
global economy after covid

Covid-19 contagion: How will it play out on world economy

coal mine india

Covid package for mining sector great beginning, but needs detailing

India tourism after coronavirus outbreak

Six ways how Covid-19 pandemic will change tourism industry

Migrant labour exodus

Indian economy needs a booster shot, not slow medicine

India bank ATM

Policy rates need further cuts to push banks to lend more

The repo rate and the reverse repo rate can be cut further following the global trends as...
globalisation in coronavirus days

Strong state, attacks on freedom, protectionism will mark post-Covid world

Agricultural reforms in India.

Dilution of Essential Commodities Act may result in lawlessness

snow cover over Arctic ice

NASA maps to help measure snow cover over Arctic ice

The new maps will help scientists with routine, widespread data to detect variations throughout the year.
Covid vs climate change

Fall in CO2 emissions not enough to stop climate change

Yamuna New Delhi coronavirus lockdown impact

Cleaning of the Yamuna will need a war-like effort

Kerala online education

The digital divide: Why Kerala is not ready for the online education plunge

The government must ensure that its policies do not help widen the already existing digital divide, denying...
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Some straightforward solutions to the migrant crisis

Odisha migrants returning

Odisha’s quiet success in war on Covid-19 pandemic

Indian middle class

India’s storied middle class may be sliding into poverty

Alcoholism on the rise in India

India’s Faustian bargain: Alcohol revenues trump health, welfare