ubi for indian poor

Boon or bane? Universal basic income is not a poverty eradication tool

By rolling out the UBI, the government is washing its hands off the obligation of ensuring food,...
bullion gold silver

Bullion index futures offer hedging opportunity, but margin, settlement risks linger

e-pharmacies india

e-pharmacies: Need to remove policy vacuum

Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson

Economics Nobel to auction theory an acknowledgement for bridging theory and practice

GST compensation cess

GST compensation: Centre will borrow to meet shortfall

trp scam

TRP scam: News channels should move away from ad revenue based model

The business of news television is not commercially viable unless it is cross-subsidised by other channels from...
Indian farmer on bullock cart

Farm Bills 2020: Death warrant to mandis, end of small farms

India is the largest producer of milk.

Why India should avoid milk powder imports

Marine plastic pollution is a major threat to the planet.

Marine pollution: Annual plastic waste flows into water bodies could top 53 mt

Renewed efforts to mitigate plastic pollution may fall short of requirement, says a study by researchers at...

Humans cannot win the war against nature

Carbon emissions and economic growth: Learnings for India

artificial intelligence, machine learning

Future perfect: Life after the fourth industrial revolution

As machines take over tasks that humans perform, it may lead to a world where 95% of...

Life vs business: The ethical dilemma of the pandemic era

SDGs, biological and chemical weapons.

SDG agenda a pipe dream without sustainable peace, disarmament

mental health and suicide

India needs state-specific policies for suicide prevention

Sweden fights covid19

Covid19: Lessons for India from Sweden’s disastrous tryst with coronavirus