high fuel prices hurting fragile economic recovery

High petroleum fuel prices hurting Indian economy, family budgets

High fuel prices rob the common citizens by way of rising transportation costs and soaring food prices.
global minimum corporate tax rate

New corporate tax regime: Tax havens, MNCs to lose out

RBI MPC meeting

RBI has done its bit; now govt must work on GST rates

RBI monetary policy committee begins deliberations

RBI policy must keep rates unchanged, focus on sectoral support

India must address the employment crisis triggered by Covid-19.

Govt must focus on post-Covid employment crisis

COP26 summit at Glasgow

COP26 Summit at Glasgow: Humanity races against time on climate change

At COP26, world leaders will strive to put together adequate climate funds, a Paris Agreement rulebook.
Ongoing coal shortage in India

Coal shortage: Govt policy must focus on steady supply

Air India privatisation a move in the right direction

Air India is a bright start; Govt must build on PSU privatisation momentum

ESG reporting is being embraced by corporates worldwide.

ESG is transforming businesses — slowly but surely

ESG reminds that environmental stewardship, social responsibility and purposeful governance are now the remit of the entire...
COP26 summit at Glasgow

COP26 Summit at Glasgow: Humanity races against time on climate change

green bonds to fund clean energy

Centre, states must take green bonds route for clean energy, environment

Protecting the resource rights of Adivasis

Resource rights of Adivasis: A cross-country perspective

Right to life is meaningless without the right to livelihood, and the right to livelihood is crucially...
The International Day of Older Persons 2021

International Day of Older Persons: Ageism and barriers to healthy ageing

Highlights of the UN Food Systems Summit

UN Food Systems Summit: Anarchy no alternative to multilateralism

health insurance sector in crisis

Greedy private hospitals bleed health insurance firms dry

covid-19 and the child nutrition chalenge

Child nutrition: Covid-19 poses a huge public policy challenge