Digital India Act

Big brother watching: Proposed Digital India Act will cut both ways on privacy matters

The proposed Digital India Act can model itself on European Union’s Digital Services Act which requires the...
Make in India, PLI, electronics

Make in India: PLI scheme boosts mobile phone exports

massive NPA write-offs

NPA write-offs: Eight questions that beg for answers

green hydrogen demand supply mismatch

Green hydrogen opportunity may fizzle out without policy support

Much of the noise about green hydrogen comes from wishful thinking as the world is nowhere near...
himalayan springs are drying up

Drying Himalayan springs need urgent attention

green hydrogen market

Green hydrogen: Uncertainties mar efforts to ramp up capacity

esic, etf, social security,

ESIC to park surplus funds in stock market via ETFs

The ESIC will invest 5% of its surplus funds in stocks in the beginning and will increase...
edtech in higher education

Higher education: EdTech sector key to bridging demand gap

unified health interface

Unified health interface key to accessible health services


NSO data: Unemployment rate falls, but, women participation still lags behind

campus sustainability and sdgs

Campus sustainability key to India’s commitment to sustainable development