Indian economy facing global headwinds

Indian economy: RBI confident in the face of global crisis, but concerns remain

Contrary to the optimism in the RBI report for Indian economy, the eight high-frequency indicators tracked by...
e-commerce exports

E-commerce exports: India can borrow from China, Japan playbooks

US economy awaits Fed action

Can the US economy avert a banking crisis, global recession

US-India trade

US-India trade potential largely untapped despite chip deal

g20, protectionism, multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency must address rising protectionism

Online dispute resolution mechanism

Online dispute resolution platforms can ease case burden on courts

Online dispute resolution offers a faster, transparent, cost-effective and accessible option for companies, particularly for those locked...
SVB, Silicon Valley Bank

SVB collapse: The lessons for banks, regulators


Funding freeze: Govt must create startups friendly environment

climate change

IPCC lists simple solutions to climate change crisis; demands action at individual level

The window of opportunity to tackle climate change and secure a liveable and sustainable future for all...
India's national green hydrogen mission

India’s green hydrogen drive must address technology needs, water scarcity

Marine plastic pollution is a major threat to the planet.

Marine plastic pollution snowballing into major crisis

World Tuberculosis Day 2023

World Tuberculosis Day: Time to take stock of eradication efforts

The World Tuberculosis Day is the occasion to highlight the importance of addressing mental health issues. along...
press freedom, PIB

Anointing PIB as fact checker will undermine press freedom

MGNREGA scheme

MGNREGA: States should follow Jharkhand’s BHGY lead

digital public goods

India leads in digital public goods, but needs to bridge digital divide

LGBTQ+ rights

Take data out of the closet for the well-being of LGBTQ+ people