ADB's GDP growth forecast for Indian economy

ADB predicts 11% growth for Indian economy

The Indian economy will stage a robust recovery aided by the vaccine rollout, stimulus packages, and an...
India fertilizer policy

Fertilizer policy 2021: Govt faces Hobson’s choice on price hikes

Tamil Nadu economy and covid-19

Covid-19 impact: Tamil Nadu economy in a spot of bother

indirect tax collections grew while gst mopup shrank

Indirect tax windfall brings cheer amid bad news on inflation, IIP fronts

RBI monetary policy

Monetary policy: RBI joins quantitative easing bandwagon

unemployment in india

Unemployment, uncertainty chipping away at India’s demographic dividend

Creating decent and sustainable employment opportunities for youth to move out of poverty will help realise the...
job loss among women due to Covid-19 outbreak

Women bear the brunt of job losses as Covid-19 devastates Indian economy

India fertilizer policy

Fertilizer policy 2021: Govt faces Hobson’s choice on price hikes

flash flood in Rishiganga and Dhauliganga rivers of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand flash flood: Study identifies causes, issues stern warning

A study says better monitoring and an early warning system could have reduced human losses in the...
india vehicle scrappage policy

Scrappage policy: A big business opportunity awaits India

climate action during covid-19 crisis

Silver lining: Covid-19 injects urgency into climate action

online education and digital divide

Online education: Long-term vision needed to bridge digital divide

Government action is needed to address lack of access to online education, but private sector role is...
Compulsory licensing of covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 vaccines: Why compulsory licensing may fail to address shortage

Covid-19 response, multilateralism, diplomacy

Covid-19: Multilateralism, diplomacy can improve pandemic response

10 covid-19 survival tips

10 survival tips to weather the second wave of Covid-19

Civil society and sustainable development goals

Vibrant civil society key to achieving sustainable development goals