migrant workers healthcare crisis

Lost in translation: Migrant workers’ healthcare rights still a chimera

Government schemes offer healthcare portability for migrant workers, but implementation gaps leave them in the lurch. Read more »
The humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Gaza on the precipice: The humanitarian crisis demands global action

The ongoing conflict and the blockade have pushed Gaza to the brink, but international intervention can resolve the humanitarian crisis. Read more »
labour-intensive manufacturing in India

Labour-intensive manufacturing can unlock India’s demographic dividend

The government must nurture labour-intensive manufacturing, and strive for quality of employment in the informal sector. Read more »
The Human Development Report 2023–2024 and India

Human Development Report 2023-24: India must address income disparities

The Human Development Report 2023–2024 has urged India to address income disparities to unlock its full human development potential. Read more »
India's rising female labour force participation rate

Decoding India’s rising female labour force participation

Research suggests that India's rising female labour force participation might be driven by economic hardship, not job creation. Read more »
new drug price control order

Drug price control: India seeks to balance affordability and innovation

The quest for a new drug price control order in India ignites a debate – how to prioritise patient affordability while nurturing a thriving pharmaceutical industry. Read more »
India Millets Mission

Success of India’s millets drive hinges on policy push

Low water requirement and climate resilience make millets a solution for both food security and environmental health. Read more »

Lessons from Amul’s success for India’s cooperative sector

Amul's farmer-owned cooperative model, with its Rs 72,000 crore success story, can be the key to unlocking India's true cooperative potential. #Amul #cooperative Read more »
The Human Development Report 2023–2024 and India

Climate change: India needs gender-responsive policy solutions

While climate change impacts everyone, Indian women are disproportionately vulnerable due to water scarcity, livelihood loss, and limited access to resources. Read more »
Indian products with GI tag

India can learn from China’s GI tag success story

India can replicate China’s success in strategically leveraging its GI tagged products and traditional knowledge, writes Ravindan AM. Read more »