India's traditional medicine

No Man’s Land: Shaping policy for traditional medicine

Urgent policy action is needed to embrace and integrate indigenous and traditional medicine into global healthcare systems. #AYUSH #MoHFW Read more »
hate crimes against migrant workers

Kerala battles sporadic violence against migrant workers

Hate crimes against migrant workers fueled by intolerance and local grievances pose a threat to the southern state's social fabric. Read more »
Use of AI in public health

AI in public health: Need to balance innovation with accountability

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise public health, but regulation needed to protect privacy, promote equity, writes Joe Thomas. Read more »
UN global road safety week

Rethinking road safety: Integrating safety measures at road level

India's road safety strategy must unlock potential of value engineering and innovative approaches to safe travel. Read more »
digital literacy

Digital literacy: From skill gaps to employment crisis

A survey exposes India's digital literacy gap and the lack of ICT skills among Indian youth to occupy future jobs. #digitalliteracy #education #employment #economy Read more »
india's school education crisis

Beyond numbers: Understanding India’s school education crisis

The issue of children outside the school education system requires a solution that addresses political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. #fropoutrate #nep2020 #cbse Read more »
Most of India's industrial workers are not covered under labour laws

India’s invisible industrial workers deserve justice

India's industrial workers in the unorganised and informal sectors who are not covered under the labour codes suffer silently from work-related diseases and accidents. Read more »
May Day 2023

May Day 2023: The unfinished agenda of labour protection

May Day 2023 reminds the world about the need for systemic change to address social and political challenges. Read more »
Liberalised remittance scheme

RBI rules for liberalised remittance scheme cause confusion

Wealthy Indians in a bind over the new RBI guidelines for liberalised remittance scheme that prevents them from holding money in offshore bank accounts for longer than six months. Read more »
MGNREGS, unemployment

MGNREGS demand on decline, time to focus on urban jobs

There is little correlation between MGNREGS and unemployment -- the former is a scheme for unskilled workers, while unemployment affects educated youth. #unemployment #SkillIndia #MGNREGS #economy Read more »