Kerala coastline

Kerala’s coastline crisis: Rising seas, disappearing land, and women on the frontlines

Climate change disproportionately impacts women in Kerala, making a gender-sensitive approach to adaptation and mitigation crucial. #Kerala #coast #climatechange Read more »
Rise in migration from Kerala

Brain drain: Impact of changing migration patterns on Kerala economy

Outward migration from Kerala has grown significantly, with women and students leading the trend. Read more »
Female representation in Lok Sabha

Female representation in politics a story of missed opportunities

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections present a mixed picture for female representation, with rising candidate numbers but a declining success rate. Read more »
Election 2024, BJP

Election 2024: How Modi’s BJP struggled in its strongholds

The BJP's failure to repeat its past performances in election 2024 highlights a shift in voter priorities. #BJP #election #INDIA Read more »

Covishield row: A shadow on vaccine trust, not on progress

New vaccine trials offer hope against new variants, but Covishield's side effects raise questions about trust in drug companies. #coronavirus #Covishield Read more »
Need to integrate migrant workers

Building bridges: Kerala must redraw its migrant worker policies

As millions of migrant workers fuel Kerala's economy, social inclusion efforts are crucial to address emerging tensions. Read more »
The UN failed to address the humanitarian crisis triggered by the partition of India.

Partition’s hidden scar: How mass displacement crippled healthcare in India

The partition of India in 1947 triggered a public health crisis that triggered a decline in life expectancy and limited access to healthcare. Read more »
Growing income inequality in India

India needs bold reforms to tackle inequality worse than colonial era

The rise of billionaires in India exemplifies the growing income inequality and wealth gap with the rich amassing fortunes while the majority struggles. Read more »
Soaring cervical cancer cases in india

Cervical cancer: Govt must focus on awareness, prevention

India leads the world in cervical cancer cases and deaths which highlights the need for a paradigm shift towards preventive healthcare for women. Read more »
India's poverty reduction efforts fall short.

India’s poverty reduction challenge lies beyond numbers games

Decentralisation, improved data management, and a focus on quality education and healthcare are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction. Read more »