War on inflation: How interest rate will begin to bite

RBI interest rate hike: Policymakers and central banks around the globe continue to battle inflation amid critical geopolitical situations and look to avoid recession by tightening their monetary policy. Read more »

Falling rupee threatens to deplete forex reserves, trigger hyperinflation

A strong dollar and unabated foreign portfolio investment outflows could see the rupee plunging to Rs 82 against the greenback this financial year. Read more »
Budget 2023 tries to kickstart Indian economy

Hope floats: War on inflation involves imperfect policy measures

Persistently high inflation will require unpopular fiscal and monetary policy prescriptions as it could lead to undesirable outcomes such as stagflation and recession. Read more »
india's banks face climate risk

Soaring inflation may push RBI into interest rate hike spree

With both wholesale and retail inflation benchmarks on an upward spiral and the US Fed signaling more interest rate hikes, the RBI may effect aggressive increase in policy repo rate. Read more »
inflation threat looms

Inflation threat: RBI may hike repo rate by 35-40 bps, CRR by 50 bps

RBI should go ahead with its monetary tightening plan to tackle inflation and help the Indian economy avert a hard landing. Read more »
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Brewing trouble: RBI must focus on inflation expectations, not on inflation

Inflation will come down when supply shocks are absorbed, but inflation expectation will continue to rise and lead to higher prices. Read more »
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Runaway inflation may leave RBI with Hobson’s choice

S&P cuts growth projection to 7.3%, raise inflation estimate citing high global commodity / energy prices. Read more »
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WPI inflation soars to record 14.55% in March

Rise in commodity prices triggered by global supply chain disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict blamed for the record-breaking run of WPI inflation. Read more »
link between inflation and fuel pricing

Courting trouble: Inflation and politics of fuel pricing

Cuts in excise duties can contain inflation to a certain extent, giving the Reserve Bank of India some headroom to support growth in the monetary policy review next week. Read more »
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Indian economy: Growth slows down; Ukraine crisis triggers inflation fears

The Ukraine crisis will have serious repercussions for the Indian economy, which is still struggling with post-Covid recovery. Read more »