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Sticky inflation to test India’s growth momentum, RBI’s resolve

India experiences a sharp rise in retail inflation, presenting a formidable challenge for economic growth and RBI's monetary policy committee. #inflation #RBI #reporate #GDP #Growth Read more »
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Beyond borrowing: The ripple effects of fiscal deficit on inflation

Fiscal deficits trigger complex macroeconomic forces that contribute to inflationary pressure, impacting public debt, household well-being, and income distribution. #fiscaldeficit #inflation #interestrate Read more »
The rupee free fall

Glad tidings: RBI may keep repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

Stellar GDP growth and other favourable factors may prompt RBI to keep the policy repo rate unchanged in the next meeting. Read more »
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Sticky inflation may force RBI into another repo rate hike

While another #repo #rate hike seems a certainty, the #RBI may also take steps to address structural issues that fuel #inflation. #economy Read more »
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Studying asymmetric distribution of inflation must, says new RBI paper

A paper published by the Reserve Bank of India says there is a need to study of asymmetrical distribution of inflation, especially during the period of uncertainties. Read more »
RBI hikes repo rate

RBI raises repo rate by 35 bps, may have another hike before pressing pause button

After announcing the repo rate hike, the RBI governor hints that the war on inflation is far from over with core inflation remains sticky and food inflation stays exposed to global factors. Read more »

G20 divided on Ukraine, but pledges coordination on food crisis, inflation

While the G20 has maintained a tough stance on the ensuing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the problems within the forum run too deep for the countries to make any significant dent on... Read more »
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Inflation cools, but RBI may continue with interest rate hikes

Fears of a global recession and uncertainties over commodity prices may force RBI to continue with interest rate hikes, but easing of inflation offers respite. Read more »
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Sticky inflation: RBI note to govt may blame supply side factors

RBI monetary policy committee may continue with inflation targeting through interest rate hikes till the repo rate hits 6.50-6.75% levels. Read more »
October 2023 global trade report by WTO

‘Inflation threat overstated; India will grow at steady pace’

Inflation in India is not because of fiscal or monetary profligacy, so there is no need to emulate aggressive rate hikes by the West. Read more »