An agenda for India’s G20 presidency

India’s G20 presidency: Thrust is on reformed multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency is an opportunity to revisit the policy mechanisms deployed to make them more effective and relevant. Read more »

G20 divided on Ukraine, but pledges coordination on food crisis, inflation

While the G20 has maintained a tough stance on the ensuing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the problems within the forum run too deep for the countries to make any significant dent on... Read more »
Rishi sunak

Rishi Sunak must learn from Liz Truss flop show

Rishi Sunak will have to grapple with an economic crisis, troubled government finances, and industrial unrest triggered by a cost-of-living crisis. Read more »

G20 presidency: India must focus on climate action, malnutrition

India must leverage the G20 presidency to nudge other nations to take action to ensure international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development. Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS must expand to fill vacuum left by West’s decline

An expanded BRICS can serve the geo-strategic and economic interests of emerging economies and developing nations by unleashing non-aligned diplomacy. Read more »
Russia crude oil exports

Russian crude oil: Will India defy the West to grab Putin’s offer

As the G7 looks to tighten the screws on Russia, Putin will lean on neighbour China and long-time ally India to import more of its crude oil. Read more »
India's arctic policy dilemma

India’s Arctic policy regime and its geopolitical significance

India’s Arctic policy faces a strategic dilemma in the context of the Western sanctions on Russia because of its several pending projects with Moscow. Read more »
The rupee as an international currency

The new economic order offers big opportunity for India

As a democracy, India will have an advantage in the new economic order if it manages to reorient its domestic policies to promote human rights and ecological wisdom. Read more »
Russian Crude, crude oil

India does not have to give up the right to buy Russian oil

Russian oil deals: The West should not have unrealistic expectations from India which imports 85% of its crude requirements. Read more »
Ukraine conflict and UN reforms

Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights need for UN reforms

The Ukraine conflict will amplify the call for UN reforms as the Russian veto in the Security Council stopped the UN from effectively intervening to stop the war. Read more »