Improvement in US-China relations

US-China relations: Rivals seek to stabilise ties amid intense competition

The world watches as US-China relations struggle to reach normalcy amid rising competition in varied fields such as trade, tech, and military. Read more »
WTO dispute settlement system under pressure

Legacy vs reform: Can WTO reclaim its role as global trade referee?

With the appellate body stalled, the WTO's effectiveness in fostering predictable trade is under scrutiny. Read more »
Big power rivalry in Arctic region

The Arctic standoff: Implications of new western sanctions on Russia

With escalating US sanctions and Russia's pivot to China, the Arctic has become a new front in the intensifying big power rivalry. Read more »
WTO ministerial meeting ends in Abu Dhabi.

WTO ministerial: India flexes muscles amid stalemate on e-commerce

The WTO ministerial has extended the e-commerce moratorium for two more years, but deep divisions persist on digital trade and other key issues. Read more »
India-Australia defence partnership.

India-Australia defence nexus hinges on trust, technology transfer

Shared challenges and untapped potential will unlock a stronger India-Australia defence partnership. #defence Read more »

WTO showdown looms as India digs heels on non-trade agenda

India to oppose discussions on environment, gender, and MSMEs at the upcoming WTO ministerial in Abu Dhabi. #WTO #trade Read more »
BRICS expansion

As India blocks Pakistan, BRICS expansion raises unity concerns

As BRICS welcomes oil giants and diversifies, India throws a wrench in Pakistan's membership bid, igniting internal clashes and questions about the bloc's future. #BRICS #economy Read more »
Takeaways from the Biden-Xi summit

Biden-Xi summit: Strategic and economic implications

The critical takeaways of the Biden-Xi summit came from the strategic military, economic, and technological dialogues that are defining the future course of the global economy. Read more »

Can IMEC counter China’s belt and road initiative

The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, #IMEC, promises to boost economic growth, and reduce carbon emissions, but its success hinges on aligned interests. #bri #beltandroadinitiative Read more »
G20 New Delhi Summit

India asserts leadership despite G20’s many failings

Despite its shortcomings, the #G20 remains an important platform for leaders of major economies to engage in dialogue and potentially find common ground. #g20summit Read more »