the emerging new economic order

The new economic order offers big opportunity for India

As a democracy, India will have an advantage in the new economic order if it manages to reorient its domestic policies to promote human rights and ecological wisdom. Read more »
India's russian oil imports

India does not have to give up the right to buy Russian oil

Russian oil deals: The West should not have unrealistic expectations from India which imports 85% of its crude requirements. Read more »
Ukraine conflict and UN reforms

Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights need for UN reforms

The Ukraine conflict will amplify the call for UN reforms as the Russian veto in the Security Council stopped the UN from effectively intervening to stop the war. Read more »
Ukraine war and global economy

Russia may pay a price for Putin’s Ukraine misadventure

The invasion of Ukraine poses numerous economic and geopolitical risks, especially for the Russian economy that may end up paying unintended costs. Read more »
US-India ties

Five issues that will shape US-India ties in 2022

US-India ties were never free from turbulence – successful stewardship from leaders is key to avoiding conflicts. Read more »
India aims at Security Council permanent membership

Security Council: India needs to strengthen democratic credentials to claim leadership

UN Security Council is more about peace and security, but when it comes to global leadership, democratic credentials and human rights record will come into play. Read more »
india becomes UN security council president

India’s Security Council agenda should go beyond peace talks

India should push for its national interests at the Security Council, without ignoring issues like global peace, terrorism, maritime security and Covid-19. Read more »
heat stress threat in south asia

UN Security Council: India’s focus on maritime security, terror, health diplomacy

India may mobilise global leadership for equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines as well as on terrorism, peace and Security Council reforms. Read more »
India's UN Security Council presidency

Security Council presidency an opportunity to showcase India’s leadership credentials

India should use its two-year stint at UN Security Council to address issues such as terrorism, food security, climate change, global health and use of UN sanctions. Read more »
India's UN Security Council presidency

UN Security Council: Demography, democracy in India’s favour

India should keep issues like Covid-19 and environment out of the UN Security Council; its global engagement should focus on achievable targets. Read more »