Can IMEC counter China’s belt and road initiative

The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, #IMEC, promises to boost economic growth, and reduce carbon emissions, but its success hinges on aligned interests. #bri #beltandroadinitiative Read more »
G20 New Delhi Summit

India asserts leadership despite G20’s many failings

Despite its shortcomings, the #G20 remains an important platform for leaders of major economies to engage in dialogue and potentially find common ground. #g20summit Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS expansion could benefit India, but at a cost

As BRICS expansion will make the grouping a diverse bloc with disparate agendas, India must be cautious about the rising Chinese influence on the grouping. #bricssummit2023 #dedollarisation #unsc #g7 #globaleconomy Read more »
BRICS South Africa 2023

Expanded BRICS can reshape the global economic order

Through unity and cooperation, the expanded BRICS can address global imbalances to shape a more equitable world. #brics #g20 #unsc #bricssummit2023 Read more »
India-US relations at the crossroads

India-US relations: Let us not forget how we got here

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit marks a historic celebration of the growing partnership between the two countries, setting a new milestone in India-US relations. #indiaUS #modi #biden #modivisit #uschina Read more »
Narendra Modi's US visit

Modi’s US visit: Pharma supply chains, affordable medicines on agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit may pave the way for collaborations in affordable drug manufacturing and in tackling rising healthcare costs. #modivisit #indiaus #drugprices #healthcare Read more »
India's g20 presidency

G20 presidency: India focuses on climate crisis and SDGs

India seeks to achieve breakthroughs in #trade, #investment, #sustainability and #inclusive growth during #G20 Presidency. #sdgs #climatechange #climatefinance Read more »
G7, India,

G7 Summit: India pitches for global stability, economic security

India delivered a resounding message for the strengthening of global institutions for developing nations at the G7 Summit in Hiroshima. #diplomacy #G7Summit #IndiaatG7 #Hiroshima Read more »
foreign trade data for H1 2023

India eyes WTO reforms to empower Global South

Need for WTO reforms: India proposes operational changes to promote multilateralism at WTO, and to protect the interests of developing nations. Read more »
India's geopolitical moment

G20 presidency may help India leverage its geopolitical moment

India is the only country that can give the West countervailing power against China. #G20presidency can help India leverage its geopolitical moment. #indiachina Read more »