GST Council to discuss tax rate on online gaming industry

Online gaming industry deserves a progressive tax regime

A forward-looking tax regime and responsible gaming practices can empower India's online gaming industry to reach new heights while ensuring a fair and positive impact on society. #gstcouncil #onlinegaming #sintax Read more »
India's external debt

Climate finance: Who will bear the cost of climate transition

From emission taxes to international partnerships, the options for raising climate finance are complex, demanding innovative solutions and equitable strategies, writes Suranjali Tandon. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
public health focus on prevention

Universal health cards can transform India’s public health system

The battle against #lungdiseases demands a comprehensive public health strategy that goes beyond treatment and embraces #prevention, public #awareness, and holistic #healthcheckups. #covid19 #ayushmanbharat #mohfw Read more »
World Lung Day 2023, lung health

World Lung Day 2023: The imperative of lung health in post-Covid era

Amid the growing concerns over public health, lung diseases emerge as a pervasive and urgent challenge that demands concerted action. #worldlungday #covid #tb #copd Read more »
India's fight against tobacco addiction

Tobacco addiction: Revolutionising quitting with innovation

Nations must explore fresh approaches and technologies to fight #tobacco addiction and #nicotine dependence. #ecigarettes #heatnotburn #smokelesstobacco #vaping Read more »
ESG and clean energy transition

ESG revolution: India can lead the world towards sustainability

The positive environmental factors and global convergence in ESG standards are paving the way for a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future, writes Shailesh Haribhakti. #esg #sustainability #netzero #climatechange Read more »
tobacco regulation and harm reduction

‘Harm reduction is the future of tobacco regulation’

Tobacco regulation should help people who want to stop the habit of using products that are harmful to health and allow them to embrace less harmful products. Read more »
tobacco regulation failed to cut consumption

‘Tobacco regulation may not work; but fear, shame will’

As the existing tobacco regulations have failed to reduce consumption, there is a need for out-of-the-box measures. Read more »
Pankaj Satija of Tata Steel

‘Mining policy must have certainty, clarity and consistency’

Tata Steel Ltd’s Pankaj Satija calls for the simplification of tax regime by removing multiple levies. Read more »
Mining industry reforms

A holistic mining policy can boost growth, employment generation: Experts

The mining industry is hampered by policy inconsistencies; needs a holistic approach to attain its full potential, say policy makers, industry brass. Read more »