monetary policy and economic growth

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »
5G, state of indian economy

5G rollout can unleash Indian economy’s growth potential

The rollout of 5G technology has helped Indian economy weather global headwinds, heralding a new era of growth, says RBI's State of the Economy report. #economy #inflation #RBI #gdpgrowth #interestrates Read more »
crude oil prices

Rising crude oil prices give sleepless nights to policymakers

Soaring crude oil prices pose a significant challenge for governments and monetary authorities around the world. #inflation #RBI#crudeoilprices #crude Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

US economy: Sticky inflation, strong dollar to test Fed policy

The #Fed may hold its benchmark interest rate steady at a 22-year high, but the US economy’s struggle against sticky #inflation may linger. #useconomy #interestrates #federalreserve Read more »
food prices

Volatile global prices, climate change threaten another round of food price shocks

As the spectre of a food price shock looms, the RBI prioritises vigilance and stability in its monetary policy approach. Read more »
sticky inflation

Sticky inflation to test India’s growth momentum, RBI’s resolve

India experiences a sharp rise in retail inflation, presenting a formidable challenge for economic growth and RBI's monetary policy committee. #inflation #RBI #reporate #GDP #Growth Read more »
global economy facing recession

Beyond borrowing: The ripple effects of fiscal deficit on inflation

Fiscal deficits trigger complex macroeconomic forces that contribute to inflationary pressure, impacting public debt, household well-being, and income distribution. #fiscaldeficit #inflation #interestrate Read more »
RBI may hold repo rate

Glad tidings: RBI may keep repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

Stellar GDP growth and other favourable factors may prompt RBI to keep the policy repo rate unchanged in the next meeting. Read more »
inflation, economy

Sticky inflation may force RBI into another repo rate hike

While another #repo #rate hike seems a certainty, the #RBI may also take steps to address structural issues that fuel #inflation. #economy Read more »
india retail, reliance retail, RIL, inflation

Studying asymmetric distribution of inflation must, says new RBI paper

A paper published by the Reserve Bank of India says there is a need to study of asymmetrical distribution of inflation, especially during the period of uncertainties. Read more »