mass migration of startup entrepreneurs

Govt, RBI must brace for the looming NPA crisis

NPAs of the public sector banks will increase, especially in infrastructure sector, forcing the government to recapitalise many of them through the Union Budget. Read more »
affordable dental insurance plans

India must push for targeted dental insurance schemes

The government must offer low-cost dental insurance plans covering a majority of its citizens who cannot afford oral healthcare. Read more »

The Next Wave: Fintech start-ups must focus on customer engagement, partnerships

Fintech firms currently face limitations in accessing a large consumer base, marketing expertise, brand loyalty, and attracting capital. Read more »
sex work legalised by supreme court

Explainer: Supreme Court ruling recognises sex work as a legal profession

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that sex workers were entitled to dignity and equal protection under the law, saying they shouldn't be harassed or penalised by the police. Read more »
vikram s, isro, who launched vikram s, Skyroot Aerospace

Explainer: India-US space situational awareness agreement 2022

The India-US space situational awareness agreement will complement India's deterrence efforts vis a vis China and Pakistan. Read more »
capital market may crash

Capital market reforms may help ease pain of global crisis

The capital markets are bracing for a global recession, a price the world may pay for governments’ failure to act decisively to contain inflation. Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Indian economy: War on inflation will warrant sacrifices

The high wholesale prices will be passed on to consumers in the next few months which could devastate the Indian economy, irrespective of the assurances by policy makers. Read more »

Wheat export ban: Farmers suffer financial losses, and India a loss of face

The wheat export ban was the result of wrong assessment of wheat crop, lack of coordination between ministries, and delays in decision making. Read more »
big tech regulation

Mancession to shecession: Why did pandemic recession hit women harder

The pandemic recession broke a pattern observed in similar crises – the impact on women was disproportionately higher than that on men, earning it the moniker, shecession. Read more »
Fertiliser, one nation one fertilizer policy. gm crops

Low output in 2022 will keep wheat prices elevated next year

Major producers China, India and Ukraine are likely to see a fall in output that will lead to lower supplies and high wheat prices in 2023. Read more »