battery storage technology

Battery storage technology leadership key to India’s renewables future

As it seeks to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix, India needs comprehensive guidelines on the use of battery storage technology, its environmental impact and safety aspects. Read more »
e-cooking is clean cooking

Cheap electricity central to India’s clean cooking transition

India’s dependence on expensive imported LPG/PNG has hampered its transition to clean cooking methods. Read more »
Income inequality and multidimensional poverty in India

The nations within: Inequality poses a big challenge for India

India’s poorest states need to revamp their development strategies to bridge the widening inequality with the developed states in the southern and western regions. Read more »
Palm oil prices soar after Indonesian ban

Palm oil prices soar after Indonesian ban, hasten India’s self-sufficiency push

The soaring palm oil prices have hit India hard as it meets 80% of its refined oil needs and 70% crude oil demand through imports from Indonesia. Read more »
g20, protectionism, multilateralism

India-UK FTA: Unleashing the bilateral trade potential

India-UK FTA is expected to facilitate the doubling of bilateral trade between India and the United Kingdom by 2030. Read more »
budget 2022 priorities

Budget 2022 misses the point on education, innovation

Budget 2022 focus on transportation and communication infrastructure is justified, but it failed to enhance school education infrastructure and to step up skilling efforts. Read more »
Budget 2022 focus on employment

Budget 2022 must keep focus on economic revival amid Omicron surge

Budget 2022 may struggle to maintain a healthy economic growth rate amid the Covid-19 pandemic despite several initiatives under Make in India and production-linked incentives scheme. Read more »
telecom, trai

Indian economy 2022: Striving for self-sufficiency, growth

Indian economy can achieve its ambitious goals through deft use of policy tools for industry, FDI and foreign trade. Read more »
climate change mitigation

Climate change: Focus on CO2 may hurt mitigation efforts

Nations can get better results in climate change mitigation efforts by targeting methane that has 20 times higher heat trapping ability compared with CO2. Read more »
coal, carbon trading, pollution,

Revisit industrial policy to transform Indian economy

Industrial policy by successive governments managed to alleviate poverty and inequality, but they did not facilitate the structural transformation of the Indian economy. Read more »