unemployment crisis, covid and Budget 2022

Unemployment biggest challenge for FM in Budget 2022

Budget 2022 should make some effective policy interventions to address the unemployment crisis and generate decent, meaningful livelihood opportunities. Read more »
gig economy needs worker protection

Gig economy: India should ensure legislative protection to workers

Efforts should be made to establish employer-employee relationship in the gig economy and terms of employment and conditions of service for workers should be clearly spelt out. Read more »
ban on non-vegetarian food vending

Gujarat ban on non-vegetarian food vending illogical, harmful

The ban on non-vegetarian food vending in major municipalities of Gujarat lacks any plausible reason and endangers livelihood of street vendors. Read more »
future of trade unions in a changing world

Uncertain future: Trade unions can reinvent themselves

The future of trade unions depends on their ability to expand their base in the informal sector, including the informal segment of the formal sector. Read more »
Global labour market facing a crisis post Covid-19.

Post-Covid labour market needs policy intervention, income support for vulnerable sections

Policymakers should support the post-Covid recovery of labour market that is robust and broad-based, focusing on employment, income, workers’ rights and social dialogue. Read more »
gig and platform workers and labour codes

Out of coverage: Labour Codes must ensure basic rights to gig and platform workers

The need of the hour is a socio-legal acknowledgement of the work done by gig and platform workers and accountability to the state and platform companies towards ensuring labour rights. Read more »
Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers nothing to informal sector workers

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers little to informal sector

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package provides some basic benefits to informal workforce, but offers no solution for reducing informality in labour market. Read more »
unemployment crisis, covid and Budget 2022

Labour reforms: How labour codes gave social dialogue, consultations a miss

Adequate dialogue and consultation did not happen before introducing and passing labour reforms contained in the four codes. Read more »