Fiscal policies must target inclusive growth

Economic policy for achieving sustainable, inclusive growth

Empirical studies have shown that supportive fiscal policies, globalisation and free trade are key to achieving strong, sustained and inclusive growth. Read more »
indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Indian economy: Ukraine conflict, slow private investment pose risks

Indian economy is vulnerable to spikes in crude oil prices as the country depends on imports to meet 80% of its energy needs. Read more »

India-UK FTA: Unleashing the bilateral trade potential

India-UK FTA is expected to facilitate the doubling of bilateral trade between India and the United Kingdom by 2030. Read more »
World faces Hobson's choice on false narratives.

Hobson’s choice: War on false narratives cuts both ways

A centralised system for screening and monitoring false narratives can also infringe on personal liberty and privacy. Read more »
tourism industry

Kerala economy can learn from Sri Lankan economic crisis

The policymakers in Kerala economy must learn from the Sri Lankan crisis as both the economies are similar on many counts. Read more »
India's labour codes and labour reforms

Missing facts: Labour reforms debate in the context of India’s 4 labour codes

The discussions on labour reforms in India veer around the subject of labour market flexibility in relation with the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 and the four labour codes that await implementation. Read more »
grievances of gig workers in india

Social security for gig workers of Uber, Ola still a distant dream

Stringent laws, strict enforcement, and proper disclosures by Ola and Uber can ensure social security to the aggrieved gig workers of the ride-hailing apps. Read more »
Kerala Budget 2022-23 development vision

Kerala Budget 2022-23 will struggle to fund its vision

The Kerala Budget 2022-23 has given primacy to sectors shattered by global reversals such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Read more »
Income and wealth inequality in India

Widening inequality: Societies need to address economic, ethical dimensions

Disparities of income generation between the richest 1% and the rest have implications in terms of perpetuation of wealth and income inequality. Read more »
demographic dividend

Rewarding inefficiency: Delimitation of Lok Sabha, state assembly seats can wait

Any move towards the delimitation of the Lok Sabha and assembly seats will result in the loss of representation of states/districts that managed to control population growth. Read more »