malpractices by pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry: Tight regulation key to curbing unethical practices

The pharmaceutical industry seems incapable of self-regulation and ethical leadership, given its terrible reputation and failure to abide by the pharma code. Read more »
upi going global

UPI is India’s ticket to fintech power; it should remain free

Global lobbies are at work to make UPI a platform comparable to their paid networks -- RBI must resist the temptation to charge a fee. Read more »
policy circle image

Accounting and auditing: AI triggers once-in-a-century transition

The emerging accounting and auditing ecosystem powered by blockchains will deliver safe data as well as trustworthy analysis and insights. Read more »
climate change, clean energy technology transfer from the US

Climate technology: US will seek revamp of India’s IP regime

India’s ambitious mitigation plan will require climate technology transfer from the US which is a leader in both investment and innovation. Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS must expand to fill vacuum left by West’s decline

An expanded BRICS can serve the geo-strategic and economic interests of emerging economies and developing nations by unleashing non-aligned diplomacy. Read more »
NIRF rankings, education

Interdisciplinary push: Liberating higher education from excessive specialisation

There is a need for complex interdisciplinary solutions, but the transformation of higher education will need to address issues of finance, endowment, and infrastructure. Read more »
India's arctic policy dilemma

India’s Arctic policy regime and its geopolitical significance

India’s Arctic policy faces a strategic dilemma in the context of the Western sanctions on Russia because of its several pending projects with Moscow. Read more »
Human development index

Census 2021: The data shadow over India

Delayed Census 2021 and increasingly fuzzy data blur visibility for researchers and policy makers. Read more »
whatsapp spam calls

RBI digital lending norms silent on lending scamsters

The digital lending guidelines announced by RBI will protect borrowers by ending malpractices prevalent in the digital lending ecosystem. Read more »
Women in science, covid-19

New drugs Bill: Govt must balance needs of pharma business with public interest

The new drugs bill has done away with some tough penal provisions covering quality of drugs and clinical trials. Read more »