Putin at BRICS summit

India’s strategic role in BRICS — bridging East and West

#BRICS can emerge as an alternative power center, challenging the existing world order and offering a platform for collaboration and rebalancing, write @Psm_cuts and Ambassador Amit Dasgupta. Read more »
Budget 2023,

Budget must promote competition, policy convergence

The Union Budget 2022-23 must adopt a national competition policy to address the distorted playing field that disincentivises potential market entrants, prevents innovation, and locks capital and labour. Read more »
An agenda for India’s G20 presidency

India’s G20 presidency: Thrust is on reformed multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency is an opportunity to revisit the policy mechanisms deployed to make them more effective and relevant. Read more »

G20, regional blocks reinvent multilateralism

As it prepares to assume G20 leadership, India can learn from its Asian peers a lesson or two on leveraging soft power to promote national interest. Read more »
Start-ups, VC firms

Climate change: De-risking India’s banks, NBFCs

IBA should undertake classification of areas and businesses based on their climate change risk profile to help India’s banks, NBFCs future-proof their business. Read more »
malpractices by pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry: Tight regulation key to curbing unethical practices

The pharmaceutical industry seems incapable of self-regulation and ethical leadership, given its terrible reputation and failure to abide by the pharma code. Read more »
india retail, reliance retail, RIL, inflation

Consumer protection: India’s redressal mechanisms being destroyed by apathy

The government’s consumer protection efforts should strike a balance the between the health of the economy and the wellbeing of consumers. Read more »
The world earth day

Earth Day 2022: India must invest in effective enforcement of environment laws

Earth Day 2022 must be seen as an opportunity to address the shortcomings that stop it from performing better on key parameters. Read more »