Big power rivalry in Arctic region

The Arctic standoff: Implications of new western sanctions on Russia

With escalating US sanctions and Russia's pivot to China, the Arctic has become a new front in the intensifying big power rivalry. Read more »
India's arctic policy dilemma

India’s Arctic policy regime and its geopolitical significance

India’s Arctic policy faces a strategic dilemma in the context of the Western sanctions on Russia because of its several pending projects with Moscow. Read more »
Kerala Budget 2022-23 development vision

Kerala Budget 2022-23 will struggle to fund its vision

The Kerala Budget 2022-23 has given primacy to sectors shattered by global reversals such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Read more »
Ukraine war and global economy

Russia may pay a price for Putin’s Ukraine misadventure

The invasion of Ukraine poses numerous economic and geopolitical risks, especially for the Russian economy that may end up paying unintended costs. Read more »
global warming and methane emissions

Challenges to India’s Arctic policy amid great power rivalry

As the Arctic geopolitics has recently witnessed growing big power involvement and rivalry, India’s Arctic Policy has both challenges and limitations. Read more »
kashmir land jihad row

Land jihad? The reality of land scam in Jammu and Kashmir

Land jihad: J&K is locked in an unsavoury land scam involving a large number of powerful people across a wider spectrum of politics, bureaucracy and business. Read more »
universal pension way to go for India

Ageing in times of Covid-19 pandemic

It is imperative that the state and civil society play a more constructive and interventionist role in ensuring the social security of older persons. Read more »