Putin at BRICS summit

India’s strategic role in BRICS — bridging East and West

#BRICS can emerge as an alternative power center, challenging the existing world order and offering a platform for collaboration and rebalancing, write @Psm_cuts and Ambassador Amit Dasgupta. Read more »
EVs, electric vehicles

EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption skyrockets

EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption is on the rise despite challenges such as dependence on component imports, subsidy cuts, and absence of vehicle recycling and scrappage policies. #EVs #electricvehicles #indianews Read more »
telecom, BSNL

Government bets big on BSNL with $10.79 bn revival package

The BSNL revival package seeks to revive the struggling telecom operator by the bridging technological gap and enhancing security. #BSNL #Telecom #news Read more »
ESG and clean energy transition

Green hydrogen: Tech breakthrough set to improve viability of the clean fuel

Latest breakthroughs and innovative solutions may help the world step up production of green hydrogen and reduce the cost of producing the clean fuel. #greenhydrogen #electrolyser #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »
economic reforms under modi government

India’s economic reforms: Crawling to the finishing line

As the #modigovernment's second term nears an end, the slow pace of economic reforms is disappointing for a government that secured an enhanced mandate amid an economic #slowdown. #economicreforms Read more »
global availability of climate finance falling short

Climate finance: Need specialised institutions, innovative funding

Developing countries are most vulnerable to #climatechange, but they have limited access to climate finance for mitigation and adaptation efforts. #globalwarming #parisagreement Read more »
OPEC+, crude oil

Output cut by OPEC+ and its global ramifications

OPEC+ extends production cuts to 2024 as it looks to defend prices amid economic concerns, but geopolitical factors add complexity to the global crude oil market dynamics. #oilprices #OPEC+ #crude Read more »
quality education and demographic dividend

Financial literacy can liberate future generations

By incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum, India can empower its children to develop into financially responsible adults. #financialliteracy #financialeducation Read more »
NIRF rankings, education

NIRF rankings 2023: Public institutions reign supreme

Government-funded institutions continue to dominate NIRF rankings, highlighting the need to increase public expenditure on such institutions. #NIRFranking #universities #education Read more »
Odisha crash shakes Indian Railways

Odisha crash: Indian Railways draws flak for misplaced priorities

Budget cuts, neglected maintenance, staff shortage, and outdated infrastructure raise concerns over passenger safety in Indian Railways. #Odishatrainaccident #IndianRailways Read more »