global warming and climate change

Climate change: Global South suffers from developed world’s inaction

The chasm between developed nations' promises on climate change and their tangible actions perpetuates a cycle of environmental degradation and sustains colonial-era power dynamics. #globalwarming #climatechange #netzero #greenenergy Read more »
India's G20 presidency agenda

India puts Global South on top of G20 agenda

India's G20 presidency has redefined inclusivity in international affairs and set the stage for a more equitable global order. #globalsouth #pmmodi #globaleconomy #g20 Read more »
ESG revolution

ESG integration can unleash business success with societal impact

The integration of #ESG principles can propel businesses towards enhanced profitability, societal resilience, and a sustainable future, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #globalwarming #sustainability Read more »
climate finance challenge

Climate finance: The most vulnerable countries need more than promises

Without access to climate finance, developing countries are struggling to implement their #climatechange adaptation and mitigation plans, writes @ssmumbai. #globalwarming #climatefunds Read more »
Sustainable cities key to fighting climate change

Sustainable cities: Safe, resilient habitats for an inclusive future

Building sustainable cities and infrastructure is key to addressing the twin challenges of population growth and #climatechange, writes @ssmumbai. #sustainablecities #sdg11 Read more »
food security through sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture key to ensuring food security

The world needs to promote sustainable agriculture for ensuring long-term #foodsecurity and climate resilience, writes @ssmumbai. #SDGs #hungerindex #climatechange Read more »
Towards Paris Agreement goals

Paris Agreement: Raising accountability on voluntary action

Government policy and investment as well as voluntary action by businesses and other non-state actors are needed to achieve Paris Agreement goals. Read more »
RBI withdraws of Rs 2000 notes

RBI kicks off India’s journey towards a cashless future

The withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes by the #RBI may be a precursor of India’s accelerated transition to a #digitaleconomy, writes @ssmumbai. #digitalindia #cbdc Read more »
energy security vs net zero

Net-zero transition: Balancing energy security, sustainability

The world needs to strike a fine balance between achieving energy security and reducing carbon emissions, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #netzero #globalwarming Read more »
Indian regulation of virtual digital assets

India cannot ignore virtual digital assets, must regulate them

The government and the #RBI seem to imagine the worst of any emerging technology or newer asset classes such as virtual digital assets. #vda #bitcoin #erupee #blockchain Read more »