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Big 3 hegemony: India must push for fair, transparent credit rating

India and other emerging markets must challenge the opaque criteria and geopolitical influences that distort the Big 3's credit rating assessments. Read more »
Urbanisation in India.

Success of urbanisation hinges on development-sustainability balance

India's rapid urbanisation has brought economic prosperity, but it has also strained infrastructure, polluted the environment, and widened the wealth gap. Read more »
online gaming regulation in india

Taxing online gaming: India must craft policies suited for digital age

The debate over imposing 28% #GST on online gaming in India underscores the need for nuanced policies that align with evolving societal dynamics, writes Srinath Sridharan. #onlinegaming #gambling Read more »
green economy and sustainability

The green and blue paradox: From greenwashing to genuine sustainability

The green and blue paradox exposes the hidden costs of sustainable initiatives and demands a paradigm shift in financial systems. #sustainability #climatechange #greeneconomy #netzero Read more »
global warming and climate change

Climate change: Global South suffers from developed world’s inaction

The chasm between developed nations' promises on climate change and their tangible actions perpetuates a cycle of environmental degradation and sustains colonial-era power dynamics. #globalwarming #climatechange #netzero #greenenergy Read more »
India-US trade

India puts Global South on top of G20 agenda

India's G20 presidency has redefined inclusivity in international affairs and set the stage for a more equitable global order. #globalsouth #pmmodi #globaleconomy #g20 Read more »
India's sustainability champions

ESG integration can unleash business success with societal impact

The integration of #ESG principles can propel businesses towards enhanced profitability, societal resilience, and a sustainable future, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #globalwarming #sustainability Read more »
climate finance challenge

Climate finance: The most vulnerable countries need more than promises

Without access to climate finance, developing countries are struggling to implement their #climatechange adaptation and mitigation plans, writes @ssmumbai. #globalwarming #climatefunds Read more »
Sustainable cities key to fighting climate change

Sustainable cities: Safe, resilient habitats for an inclusive future

Building sustainable cities and infrastructure is key to addressing the twin challenges of population growth and #climatechange, writes @ssmumbai. #sustainablecities #sdg11 Read more »
food security through sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture key to ensuring food security

The world needs to promote sustainable agriculture for ensuring long-term #foodsecurity and climate resilience, writes @ssmumbai. #SDGs #hungerindex #climatechange Read more »