SDG6 and water use efficiency

Water use efficiency key to achieving multiple SDGs

Improving water use efficiency requires collaboration across sectors and innovation in water management practices. Read more »
Use of technology by mining industry

Mining industry must rethink water management practices

New strategies, from on-site treatment to virtual water awareness, are crucial for a sustainable mining industry in a water-stressed world. Read more »
sustainable practices by the mining industry

Mining industry must rediscover equity, environmental harmony

The mining industry needs to coexist sustainably, and also explore the moral compass in its quest for a just future. Read more »
TNFD impact on nature

TNFD: Unveiling economic and environmental benefits of biodiversity

#TNFD provides a roadmap for businesses to understand, manage, and disclose their impact on #biodiversity. #climatechange #esg #globalwarming Read more »
ESG reporting

ESG: Ethical commitment and sustainability in the emerging economic order

Businesses will have to navigate the labyrinthine realm of ESG and responsible choices that transcend mere compliance. #esgreporting #sebi #sustainability #brsr #sdg Read more »
sustainability and justice

Sustainability: An enabler for just economic transition

A profound dialogue on sustainability is emerging, emphasising the need to work for human survival while harnessing natural resources. #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming #esg Read more »
OECD Economic Outlook

Closing the biodiversity gap: How biocredits could save our ecosystems

Biocredits have emerged as viable economic instruments that can help finance global conservation efforts. Read more »
mining industry

Mining output should be left to demand-supply dynamics

The government should take a relook at the stringent mining output norms set to ensure adequate supply during the pandemic crisis. Read more »
mass migration of startup entrepreneurs

Communication, collaboration key to success in post-Covid world

One of the key developments in the post-Covid world would be open and free collaboration within and outside the organisation to achieve organisational objectives. Read more »
Metal prices

Steel industry must focus on efficient use of co-products

Policy makers and the steel industry should focus on effective utilisation of co-products to ease pressure on land, water and environment. Read more »