India-Taiwan ICT partnership

India, Taiwan can benefit from ICT industry partnership

Taiwan can help India build an ICT supply chain comprising R&D, hardware, software and services industries to realise its ambitions in the sector. Read more »
Blockchains will power triple entry accounting systems

Triple entry accounting: Blockchain tech may shape future systems

For successful implementation of the blockchain-based triple entry accounting system, one needs to build a sustainable blockchain ecosystem backed by governance mechanisms. Read more »
Evolution of insurtech regulation

Insurtech: Towards the next phase regulatory evolution

The areas of insurtech regulation that needs wider consultation are: the transparency of technology, impact on policyholder’s choice and rights, data protection, and treatment of algorithms. Read more »
mobile phone manufacturing

Mobile phone manufacturing industry on song, but future rests on big 5

The PLI scheme has the potential to make India a global mobile phone manufacturing hub, but a lot depends on how the top brands react to the incentives. Read more »
wearables trigger insurtech revolution

Insurtech in India: Wearables trigger regulatory evolution

IRDA has provided regulatory frameworks for Insurtech players in distance marketing, e-commerce, and web aggregation. Read more »
cybersecurity tips for MSMEs

Futureproofing businesses: A 5-point cybersecurity checklist for MSMEs

Cybersecurity is no longer expensive or intimidating – MSMEs can start with periodical audits to ward off cyberattacks. Read more »
industrial policy and economic growth

Revisit industrial policy to transform Indian economy

Industrial policy by successive governments managed to alleviate poverty and inequality, but they did not facilitate the structural transformation of the Indian economy. Read more »
financial literacy through technology

Financial literacy: Leveraging technology for a brighter future

Start-ups like Ayucoin can complement state-run programmes and bring technology into play for achieving 100% financial literacy among children. Read more »
Atmanirbhar Bharat is a programme of enormous magnitude and scope, however, most of the benefits will accrue only in the long run

Atmanirbhar Bharat amid Covid-19 pandemic: Prospects and challenges

Atmanirbhar Bharat seeks to create a self-reliant India and focuses on five key areas -- economy, infrastructure, systems, demography, and demand. Read more »
Auditing and accounting professions

Looming trouble: Auditing and accounting professions face AI heat

Auditing and accounting bodies will need to roll out massive retraining of members at a rapid pace to skill them survive the AI onslaught. Read more »