solar energy

Solar energy: Reforms needed as policy guidelines clash with installation targets

India has restricted developers of solar power projects from using imported modules, delaying utility scale projects for solar energy. Read more »
Online dispute resolution mechanism

Online dispute resolution platforms can ease case burden on courts

Online dispute resolution offers a faster, transparent, cost-effective and accessible option for companies, particularly for those locked in high-volume, low-value cases. Read more »
SVB, Silicon Valley Bank

SVB collapse: The lessons for banks, regulators

While Indian banks do not have major exposure to SVB, precautions must be taken against possible currency depreciation, and the likely impact on banking stocks. #bankingfailures #SiliconValleyBank #SVB Read more »

Funding freeze: Govt must create startups friendly environment

A ruling by the ministry of corporate affairs has dealt a body blow on startups looking to raise funds using fintech platforms. #funding #startups Read more »
PSU preference in public procurement

Public procurement: Periodic review of preferential treatment can ensure cost effectiveness

Governments should apply the principle of competitive neutrality in public procurement in cases where no participant has any competitive advantage. #GeM #publicprocurement #publicsector Read more »
telecom industry, BSNL, social media regulation, TRAI, Draft telecom bill

Clipping the wings: Is India sabotaging its telecom sector

TRAI should fix minimum tariffs to save the telecom industry from the price war and to create healthy competition among service providers. #telecom #industry Read more »
Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill needs tweaking to eliminate foul play potential

The lack of clarity on what constitutes national security could make the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill vulnerable to misuse by the government. #DigitalPersonalDataProtectionBill #surveillance Read more »
IBC, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016

IBC changes: The bankruptcy law plagued by information asymmetry

India offers a potential market for distressed assets, but #IBC doesn’t provide a marketplace or e-platform to potential #investors. #insolvencyandbankruptcycode Read more »
Big tech regulation in India and EU

Big Tech regulation: Blanket emulation of EU law may harm India’s startups

The EU’s Digital Markets Act is at best a regulatory sandbox and results are awaited. India should not emulate this experiment blindly for Big Tech regulation. #bigtech #google #facebook #apple #microsoft #amazon Read more »
Indian aviation, air India

Air India’s record purchase marks a turning point for aviation industry

The fact that Air India was able to place such a large aircraft purchase order is a testament to how its divestment reset the #aviation industry in India. #AirIndia Read more »