Advancements in energy storage technology

Energy storage revolution to unlock renewables potential

Advanced energy storage solutions will bridge the gap between the fickleness of renewable energy and the need for a stable grid. Read more »
chip manufacturing

Chip manufacturing: China looks to out manoeuvre US with $47.5 bn war chest

Amid US sanctions, China is aggressively investing in education and partnerships to create homegrown chip manufacturing capacity. #chip #China #AI Read more »
India R&D spending and innovation

R&D spending, innovation key to Atmanirbhar Bharat

India needs to look beyond 'jugaad' innovation and invest heavily in R&D to realise its economic ambitions. Read more »
India's car exports

Car exports dream stalled: Can the industry shift gears by 2030?

While India eyes 50% car exports by 2030, red tape, lack of scale, and inconsistent quality hinder export competitiveness. #tatamotors #mahindra #suzuki Read more »
India faces services export slump

India’s services export juggernaut hits a speed bump

While software remains a mainstay, India's services exports are diversifying, with sectors like healthcare and finance gaining ground. Read more »
Use of technology by mining industry

Mining industry must rethink water management practices

New strategies, from on-site treatment to virtual water awareness, are crucial for a sustainable mining industry in a water-stressed world. Read more »
Amazon, ecommerce

How Amazon and Flipkart flouted anti-trust laws, crushed small businesses

An investigation by the Competition Commission of India has found that e-commerce biggies Amazon and Flipkart engaged in practices that squeezed out smaller businesses. #ecommmerce #monopoly Read more »
Lack of transparency threaten India's spice industry

Spice industry: India must save legacy from getting tarnished

Lax regulations and a lack of transparency threaten not just India's spice industry, but also the livelihoods of millions of farmers. Read more »
crude oil prices

Refiners’ profits dry up despite cheap Russian crude

Soaring crude oil prices due to geographical uncertainties and shrinking refining margins threaten to end the golden age of refining. #crude Read more »
IT sector, jobs, incubators, Indian IT industry

Indian IT industry must embrace AI, sustainability for growth

India's IT industry needs to look beyond traditional services, and focus on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, and sustainable solutions. #ITindustry #AI Read more »