rbi norms for digital lending

RBI digital lending norms silent on lending scamsters

The digital lending guidelines announced by RBI will protect borrowers by ending malpractices prevalent in the digital lending ecosystem. Read more »
New drugs Bill

New drugs Bill: Govt must balance needs of pharma business with public interest

The new drugs bill has done away with some tough penal provisions covering quality of drugs and clinical trials. Read more »
co-operative sector

Co-operative sector: Kerala should revamp its scam-tainted credit societies

Bringing co-operative sector under the Banking Regulation Act will be counterproductive as it will devoid the credit societies of flexibility and functional autonomy. Read more »
green hydrogen to replace fossil fuels

Energy economy: Green hydrogen is becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels

As green hydrogen becomes a viable alternative to fossil fuels, it will attract investments away from coal, petrochemicals and blue hydrogen. Read more »
Personal Data Protection Bill 2019

Explained: Why did the govt dump the Personal Data Protection Bill

Personal Data Protection Bill: A comprehensive legal framework is in the offing to regulate the online space and to address all future challenges to the digital ecosystem. Read more »
natural gas

India feels the heat of Ukraine conflict; natural gas prices to rise further

Indian corporates and households will end up paying more for natural gas with global energy prices being pushed through the roof by gas-starved Europe. Read more »
telecom industry, BSNL

Can BSNL revival package help telco break Jio-Airtel duopoly

The Rs 1,64,000 crore revival package will help BSNL launch 4G services -- at a time when its rivals are gearing up to set up their 5G networks. Read more »
online gaming industry

A golden goose: Online gaming industry facing sin tax trouble

The pandemic gave a major boost to the online gaming industry along with a youth population, explosion in volumes of mobiles and tablets, inexpensive data and new gaming genres.  Read more »

Uncertain future: Are cryptocurrencies headed towards a great winter?

While cryptocurrency obsession is real, the government of India has not been that enamoured with the prospect of digital currencies in its financial ecosystem. Read more »
ONDC online shopping ecommerce

ONDC: Can govt’s e-commerce platform emulate UPI success

ONDC looks to connect and empower crores of small retailers in India, but it may fail to repeat the mega success of payment gateway UPI. Read more »