electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles: Not-so-green path to sustainable mobility

While electric vehicles are hailed as the future of mobility, their environmental impact goes beyond emissions with doubts being raised about battery production and use of non-renewable energy. #EVs #sustainability Read more »
India's pharmaceutical exports

India’s pharmaceutical exports: A tale of resilience, innovation, and challenges

India's pharmaceutical exports stand at a crossroads, poised for continued growth while facing critical challenges that demand strategic solutions. #drugindustry #pharma Read more »
direct-to-mobile, D2M technology

Direct-to-mobile technology set to revolutionise content delivery

Direct-to-mobile technology offers significant benefits including reduced reliance on internet infrastructure, improved content accessibility, and enhanced coverage and reach. Read more »
MSME sector

India’s MSME sector: A crucible of challenges and resilience

Despite facing a multitude of challenges, India's MSME sector remains a vital pillar of the economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment. #MSMEs #industry #GDP Read more »
defence industry

India’s defence industry makes strides in global market

India's defence industry is experiencing a rapid surge, driven by increasing global tensions and the country's growing domestic procurement needs. #defence #exports Read more »
MSMEs lack access to formal credit. OCEN may be the answer to this problem.

OCEN: A digital breakthrough that can help MSMEs access credit

The Open Credit Enablement Network, or #OCEN, can enhance credit access for #MSMEs and unlock their potential. #creditaccess #creditgap #msmecredit Read more »
textile industry

India to extend tax sops to boost textile industry’s global competitiveness

With a focus on value addition, competitiveness, and sustainability, the Indian textile industry is well-positioned to become a global leader. Read more »
edtech, Byju's

Byju’s debt crisis hits investor confidence, sends edtech valuations crashing

The downfall of Byju's, once a titan in the edtech industry, reverberates across India's education technology landscape. #Byjus #edtech #startups Read more »
IT sector, jobs

Brewing trouble: IT sector slams the brakes on hiring amid economic uncertainties

Amid a perfect storm of economic woes, Indian IT sector navigates a treacherous path, leaving job seekers in the lurch. #IT #technology #jobs #employment Read more »
India's manufacturing slowdown

Decoding the manufacturing slowdown: A sectoral analysis of Indian industry

Subdued #globaldemand, China's muted #economicgrowth, and ongoing #geopoliticaltensions have added to the #manufacturing slowdown in India, write Radhika Pandey and Pramod Sinha. #indianexonomy #gdpgrowth #economicslowdown Read more »