climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

Doubling climate finance key to achieving sustainable development goals

Structured climate finance and innovative solutions needed to address #climatechange challenges. #globalwarming #SDGs Read more »
India’s airlines industry, go first

Go First collapse leaves India’s airlines industry gasping

From Kingfisher to Go First: Shortage of pilots and high costs drive India's airlines industry towards the brink. Read more »
india's school education crisis

Beyond numbers: Understanding India’s school education crisis

The issue of children outside the school education system requires a solution that addresses political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. #fropoutrate #nep2020 #cbse Read more »
EFTA, bilateral trade,

India eyes WTO reforms to empower Global South

Need for WTO reforms: India proposes operational changes to promote multilateralism at WTO, and to protect the interests of developing nations. Read more »
mobile phone manufacturing

Regulatory biases weigh on telecom sector growth

TRAI seeks to improve the ease of doing business in the telecom sector by simplifying the verification process for licence fees and spectrum usage charges. #TRAI #telecom #EoDB Read more »
Big tech, Digital Competition Bill

Fintech in India: Opportunities and challenges to the emerging financial ecosystem

India’s #fintech industry overcomes the uncertain regulatory environment in the country to make horizontal and vertical expansion. #techfin #PhonePe #paytm #gpay Read more »
ONDC, ecommerce

ONDC can be a game-changer for India’s small businesses

ONDC platform can revolutionise India's e-commerce sector by increasing digital consumption five-fold to $340 billion by 2030. #Indianecommerce #ONDC #India Read more »
India's sustainability focus may work.

Sustainability, digital transformation central to India’s development strategy

A report by #PMEAC discusses strategies for #sustainability, #digital transformation, and global economic governance – hot topics at various #G20 forums. Read more »
sustainability and justice

Financial inclusion: Time to tie up loose ends

India has done well to improve financial inclusion, but 28% of rural households and 80% of MSMEs still lack access to formal finance. Read more »
artificial intelligence, AI, AI regulation

AI regulation needed, but fear of unknown should not block human progress

The calls for AI regulation and concerns about its threat stem from fears about the impact on jobs, data privacy and individual rights. Read more »