big tech regulation

ONDC: Can govt’s e-commerce platform emulate UPI success

ONDC looks to connect and empower crores of small retailers in India, but it may fail to repeat the mega success of payment gateway UPI. Read more »
manufacturing sector

Mobile manufacturing: India struggles against Chinese dominance

India's mobile manufacturing industry is struggling despite Narendra Modi government’s make in India push and the PLI scheme. Read more »
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Millets can help resolve global food crisis through sustainable agriculture

Millets are five times more nutritious than rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Read more »
ONDC, ecommerce

Telecom Industry: Adani foray may trigger a shakeup

Adani Data Networks joining 5G auctions may be a precursor to the group’s entry into the consumer mobility space and may lead to another round of consolidation of telecom industry. Read more »
income inequality and labour share

Falling labour share highlights high income inequality in India

Between 1993 and 2012, Indian GDP grew at an annual average rate of 7%, but the top 1% earners walked away with about 30% of national income, leading to higher income inequality. Read more »
India frittering away its demographic dividend

‘India is losing its demographic dividend amid jobless growth’

Policy should address the issue of demographic dividend – India is producing a large labour force that needs to be employed gainfully. Read more »
The world is facing a cost-of-living crisis

Cost-of-living crisis on focus as G20 leaders seek to ward off global recession

The current cost-of-living crisis warrants coordinated international action led by G20 nations to ensure high economic growth and productivity. Read more »

Explained: Will government’s free Covid vaccine booster drive do the trick?

The educated crowd is hesitant and is waiting for a better Covid vaccine which is more effective and targets the whole virus of evolving strains. Read more »
skilling of youth key to prosperity

Time for govts, businesses to revive skilling efforts

The Covid-19 crisis saw businesses ignoring skilling of youth because of the strict lockdown measures announced by governments to curb the spread of the pandemic. Read more »
India-UK FTA

Can rupee on steroids challenge dollar-euro duopoly

RBI’s move to allow trade settlement in rupees comes in the wake of India’s shrinking forex reserves and roadblocks to its trade ties with important partners. Read more »