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Budget 2023: Rationalise direct taxes to boost growth

Budget 2023 may simplify and rationalise the complex direct tax regime to boost economic growth at a time when Indian economy is facing global headwinds. Read more »
the basic structure of the Constitution

Judiciary vs executive: Tussle over the basic structure may spill over

The tussle between the judiciary and executive over the Collegium system and the basic structure of the Constitution highlights the delicate balance of power and the need to maintain the separation of... Read more »
Budget 2023 on social sector

Budget 2023 will raise social spending despite constraints

Budget 2023 may roll out heavy public spending in education and healthcare as India seeks to tap its demographic dividend. Read more »
female labour force participation among women

The Great Indian House Trap: Burden of household work and labour force participation

Improved literacy and educational attainment do not reflect in female labour force participation because of cultural norms and gender discrimination. Read more »
MSME sector budget 2023 wishlist

Budget 2023: 10 suggestions to kickstart MSME sector

The government must establish a separate ministry for micro enterprises that constitute 99% of the MSMEs as they need different policies, different support and different growth strategies, writes KE Raghunathan. Read more »

Govt proposes changes to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Inherent flaws in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code lead to more liquidations than resolutions -- between December 2016 and March 2022, 47% of corporate insolvency processes went into liquidation while just 14%... Read more »
pharma industry, budget 2023, PLI scheme

Pharma industry: R&D efforts to boost India’s global standing

The Indian pharma industry is expected to grow from $50 billion this year to $130 billion by 2030 and $450 billion by 2047. Read more »
Nps, national pension scheme, ops

Old pension scheme unsustainable, NPS makes sense for debt-laden states

The RBI has cautioned states against their plan to shift back to the statutory old pension scheme from the participatory national pension scheme. Read more »
online gaming, e-gaming,

Online gaming: Regulation must inspire confidence among stakeholders

India should not squander the opportunity to be a world leader in online gaming by over-regulation of the sunrise industry. Read more »
climate change mitigation

Nordic, Indian companies lead climate change mitigation efforts

As the world seems distracted by the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict, some leading corporates have taken it upon themselves to address climate change issues. Read more »