infrastructure bonds, infra funding

PSU banks bet big on infrastructure bonds to bridge funding gap

While infrastructure bonds offer some relief to PSU banks, the long-term viability of infra projects remains a concern. #infrastructure #banking #bonds #PSU Read more »
global economy

Global economy faces choppy waters, India remains buoyant

While the IMF predicts a balanced outlook for global economy, India remains a bright spot, supported by a resilient domestic market. #Indianeconomy #IMF Read more »
Kerala coastline

Kerala’s coastline crisis: Rising seas, disappearing land, and women on the frontlines

Climate change disproportionately impacts women in Kerala, making a gender-sensitive approach to adaptation and mitigation crucial. #Kerala #coast #climatechange Read more »

Hybrids vs EVs: A glimmer of green or a roadblock to electrification?

While global trends show a shift towards EVs, Indian states are still struggling to balance immediate emission cuts and long-term EV adoption. #EVs #Hybrid #automobile Read more »
critical minerals

India to boost critical minerals mining for clean energy security

Despite a previous auction flop, India hopes larger minefields will entice companies and reduce reliance on critical minerals imports. #criticalminerals #mining Read more »
net zero, pollution

Green gambit: India’s ambitious attempt to achieve net zero

While exceeding solar power targets and promoting sustainable lifestyles, India grapples with financing gaps and policy implementation challenges to meet net zero target. #climatechange #cleanenergy #solar Read more »
RBI dividend, repo rate

RBI to put repo rate cut on hold amid uncertainties, soaring food prices

Despite market anticipation about an impending repo rate cut, the RBI remains cautious due to uncertain weather conditions and high food prices. #RBI #reporate Read more »
Nvidia global leader in chipmaking

Rise of Nvidia: How chipmakers are shaping the future of geopolitics

Nvidia's dominance in AI chips positions it as a central player in the emerging global competition for technological superiority. Read more »
MSP, farmer

MSP expansion: Lifeline for farmers or a fiscal burden?

The government is expected to expand MSP benefits to pulses and oilseeds in the upcoming budget, in a bid to strengthen food security. #MSP #farmer #policy #Budget Read more »
India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Public health must get priority in trade talks

India-UK FTA raises concerns over public health, highlighting the need for stronger health considerations in trade talks. #IndiaUKFTA #trade #economy Read more »