artificial intelligence, AI, AI regulation

Big tech continues to skirt laws; savvy regulation need of the hour

Unbridled market power of big tech poses problems for smaller companies which get lost in the sea of vendors, and users whose privacy and consumer rights are compromised. Read more »
promoting organ donation in India

Policy alternatives for promoting organ donation in India

Policy options to promote organ donation in India would include mandated choice along with strong data protection, enhanced policing and judicial capacity. Read more »
Rishi sunak

Rishi Sunak must learn from Liz Truss flop show

Rishi Sunak will have to grapple with an economic crisis, troubled government finances, and industrial unrest triggered by a cost-of-living crisis. Read more »

G20 presidency: India must focus on climate action, malnutrition

India must leverage the G20 presidency to nudge other nations to take action to ensure international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development. Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

Surging dollar: Emerging markets struggle to weather economic impact

The emerging markets are left with no option but to match Fed rate hikes as they fight economic slowdown, currency depreciation against the dollar, and soaring inflation. Read more »
chinese economy under Xi

Xi Jinping consolidates control, but slowing Chinese economy poses challenge

Xi Jinping’s new team will have to grapple with a slowing Chinese economy, falling industrial output and exports, as well as crises in banking and real estate sectors. Read more »
esg focus on sustainability

Sustainable profits: How ESG is helping businesses shift focus

ESG thinking has brought the focus on evolutionary governance that seeks to achieve sustainable profitability. Read more »
draft telecom bill

Telecom Bill 2022 draws flak for breach of privacy, TRAI powers

The Telecom Bill 2022 in its present form will empower the department of telecommunications at the cost of users, sector regulator. Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Extended producer responsibility rules fail to resolve India’s plastic pollution crisis

As the fifth largest generator of plastic waste in the world, India needs to act tough with big brands if it were to address the plastic pollution menace effectively. Read more »

Push to gig economy can solve India’s jobless growth riddle

India must uphold the interests of gig workers by bringing them under the social security net if it wants to benefit from the gig culture. Read more »