shipping, coastal cargo, sagarmala

FTAs at risk: Harmonised system revisions complicate rules of origin

Failure to synchronise rules of origin with HS revisions can amplify the scope for errors and fraudulent activities, distorting the objectives of #FTAs. #wco #wto #roo Read more »
sustainability and intergenerational equity

India must invoke ancient wisdom for sustainability

India needs to rethink #sustainability beyond a few decades and must travel back a few thousands of years to unveil the #intergenerationalequity inherent to our ancient wisdom. #climatechange #g20 Read more »
RBI MPC meeting

Balancing act: RBI navigates global challenges with confidence

The RBI monetary policy committee stands firm on the #reporate against the backdrop of a global crisis, bolstering India's economic resilience. #interestrate #inflation #mpc Read more »
global economy

Tourism-driven growth to propel global economy in 2023

The IMF expects the global economy to expand 3% in 2023, backed by the rise in post-pandemic travel and a robust job market. #globaleconomy #tourism Read more »
India's sustainability quest

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals towards achievable ones

India achieving its sustainability goals will hinge on its ability to balance economic growth needs with environmental imperatives, writes Aruna Sharma. #climatechange #globalwarming #SDGs Read more »
G20 seeks to promote gender parity

Gender-inclusive trade key to resilient global economy

There is a need to promote gender-inclusive trade by collecting disaggregated trade data for fostering an equitable global economy, writes Nikita Singla. #worldbank #wto #g20 Read more »
pharma industry

India’s pharma industry grapples with quality concerns amid contamination charges

India's pharma industry is facing a huge crisis as global scrutiny intensifies over contaminated medicines, raising concerns about its commitment to safety. #pharma #genericdrugs #WHO #coughsyrup Read more »
green hydrogen vs blue hydrogen

Hasty green hydrogen adoption may lead to higher costs, says study

A study by Finnish researchers reveals green hydrogen's potential as a transformative force, with research pointing towards innovative solutions for a greener future. #bluehydrogen #climatechange #netzero Read more »
The rupee free fall

RBI committee faces tough call on repo rate as global growth slows

The Reserve Bank of India may keep the repo rate unchanged to support the growth of Indian economy and reduce uncertainty for investors. #interestrate #inflation #monetarypolicy Read more »
tech imports

India’s curbs on tech imports to shake up the market

India's restrictions on tech imports may reshape the industry landscape and fuel domestic innovation. #techimports #PLI #Apple Read more »