Indian aviation, air India, indigo

Air India’s record purchase marks a turning point for aviation industry

The fact that Air India was able to place such a large aircraft purchase order is a testament to how its divestment reset the #aviation industry in India. #AirIndia Read more »
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Fall in trade deficit transitory; India needs calibrated policy

The trade deficit trends reflect the slowing #economic #growth momentum in the global and domestic #economies. #economy #tradedeficit Read more »
Education loan vs income-share agreement

Income-share agreements as alternative to education loans

As profit-driven private institutions are set to dominate the #highereducation sector, income-share agreements are a viable way to ensure access and inclusion. #nep2020 #budget2023 #educationloan Read more »
green economy and sustainability

Sea-level rise threatens some of the largest global cities

Cities such as Mumbai, Dhaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai, Cairo, London, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Santiago will suffer the impact of sea-level rise. #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »
5G spectrum

Govt eyes more revenues from 5G spectrum sale

The need for another round of #5G spectrum sale has come up as #telecom companies are looking to ramp up their network in tune with the new technology. Read more »

Govt looks to piggyback ChatGPT, but must fix these issues first

The biggest shortcoming of #ChatGPT is that information provided by the #chatbot can be fictional at times but the system presents it confidently as fact. #India #farmers Read more »
Fintech regulation

The Maverick Effect: How NASSCOM nurtured IT industry

Without #NASSCOM, archaic regulations would have crippled the growth of the #ITindustry, allowing competing countries to race ahead, write Shailesh Haribhakti and Suyash Agrawal. #digitalindia Read more »
Corporate governance in India

Corporate governance: India must embrace tech, global best practices

Status-quoism prevails despite the fact that markets, investors, and governments want a better system of corporate governance, writes Srinath Sridharan. #corporategovernance #companyboards #sebi #rbi #esg Read more »
Cyber security challenges for India

Cyber security: India must update digital infrastructure, legal framework

As it moves ahead on the path of #DigitalIndia, the country cannot afford to be behind the curve in ensuring cyber security. #quad #cybersecurity Read more »

Pakistan economy on the brink after bailout talks with IMF fail

#Pakistan #economy desperately needs its 14th bailout package from #IMF since late 1980s, but exceeds the Fund’s quota for advances by a whopping 210%. Read more »