defence industry, INDUS-X

India’s defence industry makes strides in global market

India's defence industry is experiencing a rapid surge, driven by increasing global tensions and the country's growing domestic procurement needs. #defence #exports Read more »
The Climate-Changed Child, a UNICEF report

The Climate-Changed Child: UNICEF report a stark reminder of the looming crisis

#climatechange is a child rights crisis, and the world must protect the most vulnerable, says The Climate-Changed Child, a #UNICEF report. #globalwarming Read more »
diabetes, pharma conspiracy

Rise in diabetes cases: A healthcare crisis or pharmaceutical conspiracy

India is witnessing a dramatic rise in diabetic cases, raising questions about the role of pharmaceutical companies in deciding diabetes thresholds. #diabetes #pharma Read more »
air pollution in delhi

Air pollution in Delhi calls for innovative solutions

Air pollution in Delhi is the result of #environmentaldegradation, caused by complex cultural practices, agricultural activities, and #urbanemissions. #aqi #stubbleburning Read more »
food inflation

Explained: Why India is highly prone to food inflation

India's long-term economic resilience will depend on its ability to effectively manage food inflation and create a sustainable supply chain. #foodinflation #foodsecurity Read more »
unemployment rate is not a nuanced policy tool

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »
India faces a brain drain crisis

Brain drain: India struggles to stem talent loss

India must analyse the causes and impact of brain drain and formulate strategies to retain the brightest minds in a competitive global market, Aamir Ahmad Teeli and Saima Nazir. #braindrain #education #unemployment Read more »
SEZ Amendment Bill 2023

SEZ Amendment Bill 2023 may replace DESH Bill, focus on ease of doing business

The government is considering replacing the DESH Bill with an SEZ Amendment Bill which would create a more favorable fiscal environment and integrate SEZs better with the domestic market. #SEZAmendmentBill #DESH #SEZs Read more »
India's car exports

Can manufacturing propel India to a $35 trillion economy?

#Productivity growth in #manufacturing driven by #investment and #technology is key to achieving India’s ambitious #economicgrowth targets, writes Krishna Kumar Sinha. Read more »
UNDP human development report

UNDP human development report lauds India’s successes, flags inequalities

The UNDP human development report urges India to address inequalities through strategies such as focusing on poverty-stricken states, empowering marginalised communities, and installing social safety nets. Read more »