mass migration of startup entrepreneurs

Govt, RBI must brace for the looming NPA crisis

NPAs of the public sector banks will increase, especially in infrastructure sector, forcing the government to recapitalise many of them through the Union Budget. Read more »
inflation threat looms

Inflation threat: RBI may hike repo rate by 35-40 bps, CRR by 50 bps

RBI should go ahead with its monetary tightening plan to tackle inflation and help the Indian economy avert a hard landing. Read more »
inflation and interest rates

Brewing trouble: RBI must focus on inflation expectations, not on inflation

Inflation will come down when supply shocks are absorbed, but inflation expectation will continue to rise and lead to higher prices. Read more »
tobacco regulation failed to cut consumption

‘Tobacco regulation may not work; but fear, shame will’

As the existing tobacco regulations have failed to reduce consumption, there is a need for out-of-the-box measures. Read more »
affordable dental insurance plans

India must push for targeted dental insurance schemes

The government must offer low-cost dental insurance plans covering a majority of its citizens who cannot afford oral healthcare. Read more »

The Next Wave: Fintech start-ups must focus on customer engagement, partnerships

Fintech firms currently face limitations in accessing a large consumer base, marketing expertise, brand loyalty, and attracting capital. Read more »
tobacco regulation and harm reduction

Tobacco regulation debate puts consumer on the centre stage

Speakers at a Policy Circle seminar on tobacco regulation rooted for holistic solutions, wider consumer choices. Read more »
sex work legalised by supreme court

Explainer: Supreme Court ruling recognises sex work as a legal profession

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that sex workers were entitled to dignity and equal protection under the law, saying they shouldn't be harassed or penalised by the police. Read more »
Rising monkeypox cases across the world

‘India ‘should produce smallpox vaccines to combat monkeypox’

Maintaining good immunity and keeping any comorbidities under control is important not only during pandemics, but at all times, to combat new infections like monkeypox. Read more »
vikram s, isro, who launched vikram s, Skyroot Aerospace

Explainer: India-US space situational awareness agreement 2022

The India-US space situational awareness agreement will complement India's deterrence efforts vis a vis China and Pakistan. Read more »