NPS, budget 2025, household savings

Can Budget 2025 breathe life into household finances

As the Indian economy navigates inflation, will Budget 2025 incentivise middle class households to save more for future prosperity? Read more »
rural India, Budget 2025

Budget 2025: Modi govt may push the envelope for rural India

From oilseed production to edtech, Budget 2025 will eye long-term development beyond electoral compulsions. #Budget2025 #RuralIndia Read more »
Budget 2025

Election year nightmare: Can Budget 2025 tame the fiscal deficit beast

Election promises meet fiscal reality as Union Budget 2025 undertakes a tightrope walk between spending and fiscal prudence. #elections2024 #Fiscaldeficit #economy Read more »
agriculture, budget 2023

Budget 2023: Missed opportunities in agriculture

Budget 2023 has cut allocations to the government’s flagship schemes and put the much-needed reforms in #agriculture sector on the back-burner. #Budget2023 Read more »
Cyber security challenges for India

Cyber security: India must update digital infrastructure, legal framework

As it moves ahead on the path of #DigitalIndia, the country cannot afford to be behind the curve in ensuring cyber security. #quad #cybersecurity Read more »
public health budget 2023

Public health policy must focus on non-communicable diseases

Half of the public health budget comes from the National Health Mission that saw a 1.2% increase in allocation compared with the previous year. #budget2023 #ayushmanbharat #mgnrega #publichealth Read more »
Budget 2023 cuts allocation for welfare schemes

Budget 2023: The shove to push the Indian economy

Budget 2023 has increased infrastructure outlay and decreased spending for crucial public programmes. Will this approach work for the Indian economy in the long term? Read more »
budget 2023 green initiatives

Budget 2023: Focused on ESG and inclusive growth

Budget 2023 has set aside Rs 35,000 crore towards capital investment initiatives to achieve net zero emissions by 2070. Read more »
Budget 2023 and agriculture

Budget 2023: Ten initiatives to turbocharge agriculture

Budget 2023 looks to support India's agriculture sector which faces challenges such as poor infrastructure, limited access to markets, and unfavourable weather conditions. Read more »
Focus on its rural infrastructure

Rural sector: Budget 2023 shows intention, but falls short on allocation

Budget 2023 has cut down allocation for the rural sector while remaining silent on farmers’ income and rural demand. Read more »