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Kerala economy can learn from Sri Lankan economic crisis

The policymakers in Kerala economy must learn from the Sri Lankan crisis as both the economies are similar on many counts. Read more »
debate on kerala's public debt

Different strokes: Should Kerala worry about rising public debt

The criticism of Kerala government’s high public debt and its plan to borrow heavily to fund development projects is based on wrong assumptions. Read more »
Kerala economy struggling under Covid-19 impact

Covid-hit Kerala economy struggles to stay afloat

Kerala economy is weighed down by the surging Covid-19 caseload and the months-long lockdown measures. Read more »
Kerala economy struggling under Covid-19 impact

Kerala economy: Time for soul searching on government size, welfare schemes

The new government that will take oath in May needs to put together a nuanced agenda for the Kerala economy based on broad political consensus. Read more »
Kerala budget 2021 by thomas isaac

Kerala Budget 2021: A document with the Thomas Isaac touch

Kerala Budget 2021 unveiled a post-doctoral fellowship scheme that will ensure the minimum efficiency wage for skilled research workers, like MGNREGA did in for unskilled labour. Read more »
Kerala tourism amid coronavirus, covid pandemic

Returning migrants: Big trouble awaits Covid-hit Kerala economy

If the 2008 crisis is anything to go by, the next few months will see 2-2.5 lakh people returning from abroad. Read more »