India's digital education focus

Digital education push welcome, but not at the cost of institutions

There is no denying that digital education is the need of the hour -- but it should supplement the existing system, not substitute it. Read more »
rusa fund allocation in budget 2022

Budget 2022: Fund-starved states may fail RUSA

Budget 2022 has allocated Rs 2,042 crore for allocation under RUSA , but most of this may remain unspent. Read more »
Budget 2022 and financial risks

Budget 2022: Optimism of policy makers may be misplaced

Budget 2022 ignores the risk from a likely rise in global crude prices, monetary tightening by the Federal Reserve and the totally unpredictable trajectory of Covid-19. Read more »
India Inc. and sustainability

Centre, states must take green bonds route for clean energy, environment

Governments, private firms must be mindful of exchange rate risks while jumping into the green bonds bandwagon. Read more »
India's foreign exchange reserves cross $600 billion

Foreign exchange reserves surpass $600 bn; What does it mean to Indian economy

India’s foreign exchange reserves may not be built on a strong foundation as 61% of its external debt is of short-term nature and will mature in a year. Read more »
global economy facing recession

Budget 2021: Fiscal conservatism in the times of sizzling Sensex

While the advanced economies have woken up to the reality that monetary easing alone would not ensure growth, Budget 2021 has made a hasty retreat from the fiscal steps taken in previous... Read more »
Kerala budget 2021 by thomas isaac

Kerala Budget 2021: A document with the Thomas Isaac touch

Kerala Budget 2021 unveiled a post-doctoral fellowship scheme that will ensure the minimum efficiency wage for skilled research workers, like MGNREGA did in for unskilled labour. Read more »
doctors, nurses migration from india

India must prepare for a bout of migration by doctors, medical staff

The central and state governments should incentivise and enhance medical education in public sector with a stipulation of mandatory service of a few years. Read more »
NRF, National research foundation,

Online learning is the new normal; government must ensure access to all

The government should use education cess corpus to create urban learning clusters to ensure online access to deprived classes. Read more »
India's lung health crisis

Coronavirus crisis: Why not a salary challenge at the national level?

The Union government can raise up to Rs 40,000 crore to fight coronavirus through a 10% salary challenge. Read more »