cryptocurrency bill in indian parliament

Cryptocurrency rush: Bitcoin rally forcing the sceptics to rethink

As the world sat and debated about cryptocurrency in the last few years, this asset class has gained a lot of attention and value. Read more »
School education in india

Financial literacy: Leveraging technology for a brighter future

Start-ups like Ayucoin can complement state-run programmes and bring technology into play for achieving 100% financial literacy among children. Read more »
high fuel prices hurting fragile economic recovery

High petroleum fuel prices hurting Indian economy, family budgets

High fuel prices rob the common citizens by way of rising transportation costs and soaring food prices. Read more »
Protecting the resource rights of Adivasis

Resource rights of Adivasis: A cross-country perspective

Right to life is meaningless without the right to livelihood, and the right to livelihood is crucially dependent on resource rights. Read more »
IMF cuts global growth forecast

RBI has done its bit; now govt must work on GST rates

The RBI monetary policy committee should retain the accommodative stance, but at the same time must keep an eye on asset prices. Read more »
MGNREGS, unemployment

Lack of credible data may render e-Shram portal ineffective

The effort of e-Shram portal to bring a large number of unorganised labourers under the social security net may fall flat in the absence of quality employment data. Read more »
Applied financial econometrics: theory, Methods and Application by Moinak Maiti

Book Review: Applied Financial Econometrics: Theory, Methods and Application

Applied Financial Econometrics: Theory, Methods and Application by Moinak Maiti is an attempt to express the complex topics in a very simple way without losing the intuitive grasp. Read more »
policy circle image

Caste census will answer some inescapable questions – go for it

Without a comprehensive Socio Economic and Caste Census, affirmative action is just shots in the dark. Read more »
health insurance sector in crisis

Greedy private hospitals bleed health insurance firms dry

There is a need for a regulator in the healthcare sector to stop private hospitals from profiteering at the cost of health insurance firms and hapless patients. Read more »
Easy MSME loans key to economic revival

Happy ending: Government can back MSME loans without any risk

The govt must offer 100% guarantee for MSME loans – it will ensure more jobs, higher GST collection, and fast revival of economic growth. Read more »