indian railways to get 4G spectrum

4G spectrum will help Indian Railways step up safety, security

Indian Railways will use 4G spectrum to implement ATP system to prevent accidents and upgrade its communication network, bringing a paradigm shift in its operations. Read more »
Global minimum tax is a big step towards international tax reforms

Will global minimum tax disrupt India’s tax regime?

Global minimum tax is a commendable step towards international tax reforms, but its success depends on whether countries like India would agree to revoke their digital levies. Read more »
Bihar ahead in covid-19 testing

‘Bihar’s Covid-19 testing, caseload numbers compare well with developed states’

Shortage of doctors, poor healthcare infrastructure affecting Bihar’s war on pandemic, despite better Covid-19 testing says health minister Mangal Pandey. Read more »
Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers nothing to informal sector workers

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers little to informal sector

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package provides some basic benefits to informal workforce, but offers no solution for reducing informality in labour market. Read more »
telehealth and cyber security

Telehealth services must strengthen privacy, cybersecurity practices

It is critical that hospitals, doctors and other organisations offering telehealth invest in strong privacy and cybersecurity protocols. Read more »
world food safety day 2021

World Food Safety Day 2021: Ensuring safe food for a healthy tomorrow is everyone’s business

Food safety is a grave concern for India where more than a third of the food produced, including almost 70% of the milk sold, is adulterated and substandard. Read more »
stock market amid covid-19 crisis

Young Indians flock stock market amid Covid-19 crisis

Stock market needs a long-term game played with test match temperament rather than a T-20 mindset. Read more »
RBI monetary policy review

Monetary policy must keep rates unchanged, cut growth forecast

The monetary policy amid a major shock like the second wave of Covid-19 can afford to look through some inflationary impulses to support economic growth. Read more »
Indian economy's GDP growth will recover from Covid-19 shock sooner than expected

Worst over; GDP growth will recover faster than forecasts in FY22: Arvind Virmani

Revival in economic activity, consumer confidence will see GDP growth recovering faster in second quarter of FY22 than anticipated by forecasts. Read more »
Indian economy GDP growth

GDP growth numbers for 2020-21 conceal more than they reveal about Indian economy

Policy makers should focus on creating jobs, increasing real wages and boosting household incomes, rather than worrying about blips in GDP growth rate. Read more »