RBI MPC meeting begins

RBI must focus on growth amid global turmoil

The #RBI must follow the lead of the #Fed and other central banks that have moderated rate hikes and end the #reporate hike spree for now. #globalrecession #inflation #gdpgrowth Read more »
indian economy

Interest rate hike: Can RBI avert a hard landing

The Reserve Bank of India seems to have fallen behind the curve on inflation and may be forced to tighten abruptly by raising interest rates. Read more »
New credit card guidelines from RBI

RBI issues stringent credit card guidelines to protect customers

RBI’s fresh credit card guidelines for issuers contain several provisions that protect and empower cardholders. Read more »

Timely action on inflation needed to avert hard landing, says Maurice Obstfeld

The international financial system will face a crisis if the Fed and other central banks fall behind the curve on inflation and tighten abruptly, says former IMF chief economist. Read more »
Union budget 2022 and global minimum tax

Masala bonds can be a game-changer for the rupee

As masala bond allows borrowers to raise funds abroad without currency risk, it will have a positive impact on the rupee, interest rates, and the economy. Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Worst may be over for Indian economy: RBI

The RBI report paints a rosy picture for the Indian economy, pointing to a pick-up in manufacturing, reversal of contraction in services, and improvement in financial conditions. Read more »
RBI monetary policy review

RBI seen retaining policy rates, accommodative stance

RBI’s monetary policy committee may choose to ignore falling credit off-take, especially the share of private corporate sector. Read more »
high fuel prices hurting fragile economic recovery

Global factors driving inflation, fuel tax cut seems the only option

Policy rate cuts may not address inflation as a large part of the increase in prices during the second wave of Covid-19 came from rising commodity prices. Read more »
Mumbai real estate market

Housing boom: Mumbai real estate market in for an upswing

A survey hints at the revival of the battered Mumbai real estate market as home buyers look to cash in on falling prices and sops offered by central and state governments. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

Why RBI cannot ignore the food price dynamics while fixing rates

Tweaking of weights in inflation indices makes sense, given the policy objectives of RBI policy – price stability and economic growth. Read more »