Income inequality

Income tax data reveal soaring income inequality

Progressive taxation may be the answer to the alarming trend of rising income inequality in India. #society #incomeinequality #poverty #tax Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2023 reduces income tax burden on middle class

The raising of income tax exemption limit promises to be highly popular among the middle class, but will raise a challenge for the government which is struggling to rein in the ballooning... Read more »
income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2023 may raise income tax exemption limit

The govt will benefit more from expanding the tax base by raising income tax exemption limit than from making existing taxpayers pay more. Read more »
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New corporate tax regime: Tax havens, MNCs to lose out

The corporate tax regime accepted by 135 countries will end treaty shopping by MNCs and put tax havens out of business. Read more »
budget 2022 income tax

Budget 2021 scorecard: What is on offer for different sectors of the economy

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman shows good intentions in Budget 2021, but stops short of loosening the purse strings because of resource crunch. Read more »
india's school education crisis

A transparent global tax regime can help achieve SDGs

Delivery of quality education, healthcare and housing to the bottom billion of the world population is possible with a transparent global tax regime. Read more »
An Indian taxpayer doing tax calculations.

Income tax assessments: Personal hearing may be needed in many cases

Faceless e-assessment is a great idea, but it is essential to offer personal hearings to taxpayers when the assessment order contains negative references. Read more »
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Last mile reforms can galvanise income tax collections

Honouring the honest: Another area of taxation crying out for automation support and fair queuing is the one involving grant of concessions and reliefs. Read more »
Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Income tax compliance: Rewards may work better than punishments

Covid-19 has hit tax collections, but the situation will improve in terms of both the number of taxpayers and revenue collections, once the pandemic is under control. Read more »
Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Coronavirus outbreak: FM Nirmala Sitharaman eases compliance burden to reduce pain

The Narendra Modi government announces easier compliance in areas such as income tax, GST, customs & excise, banking and trade. Read more »