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Budget 2021: Government borrowing and its implications for economy

As the government was forced to raise debt to meet the health crisis and the economic slowdown, Budget 2021 should focus on a phased reduction of public debt. Read more »
public debt

Atmanirbhar Bharat a non-starter without an MSME surge

While the government paints a rosy picture of the expected outcomes, there are several hurdles in the road ahead for the MSME sector reforms. Read more »
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Cooperatives and stock markets: Can the twain meet?

Cooperation is a state subject governed by state laws. This acts as a major obstacle to shape co-operatives’ legal form and their listing on stock exchanges. Read more »

Gilt-edged? Investing in government securities in the times of COVID-19

The returns offered by the government bonds are moderate, but they provide secure and safe asset quality for investors with low risk appetite. Read more »
monetary policy impact on markets

Covid-19, monetary policy and financial markets

The study captures the impact of monetary policy changes on the real effective exchange rate, market rate on 10-year govt bonds and the NSE stock index. Read more »
An Indian taxpayer doing tax calculations.

Income tax assessments: Personal hearing may be needed in many cases

Faceless e-assessment is a great idea, but it is essential to offer personal hearings to taxpayers when the assessment order contains negative references. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

Comparison of Covid-19 impact on India and G7 economies

The shape of economic recovery in India and the developed nations will differ based on the economy and the way the governments respond to the coronavirus. Read more »
India's dismal human development levels

All Inclusive Economic Development: The GDP alternative offers a better measure of progress

Gross domestic product is a narrow and an inadequate metric to capture the holistic and true value of health investment, leading to economic wellbeing. Read more »