Budget 2023 on social sector

Budget 2023 will raise social spending despite constraints

Budget 2023 may roll out heavy public spending in education and healthcare as India seeks to tap its demographic dividend. Read more »
MSME sector budget 2023 wishlist

Budget 2023: 10 suggestions to kickstart MSME sector

The government must establish a separate ministry for micro enterprises that constitute 99% of the MSMEs as they need different policies, different support and different growth strategies, writes KE Raghunathan. Read more »
online gaming, e-gaming,

Online gaming: Regulation must inspire confidence among stakeholders

India should not squander the opportunity to be a world leader in online gaming by over-regulation of the sunrise industry. Read more »
Budget 2023 and urban infrastructure

Budget 2023: Needed — a long-term roadmap for urban infrastructure

Budget 2023 should facilitate $840 billion investment in urban infrastructure needed over the next 15 years. Read more »

Budget 2023: Start-ups need help to overcome funding freeze

The start-ups expect Budget 2023 to contain steps to address the funds crunch at a time when the government is seeking to insulate the domestic economy from the impact of a looming... Read more »
Budget 2023, subsidies

Govt walks tightrope on subsidies as deficit widens

The government is under pressure to cut subsidies and maintain fiscal discipline at a time when political situation warrants a populist Budget 2023. Read more »
income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2023 may raise income tax exemption limit

The govt will benefit more from expanding the tax base by raising income tax exemption limit than from making existing taxpayers pay more. Read more »
Monsoon, agriculture

Budget 2023 must focus on agriculture, rural income

Union Budget 2023 must step up funding for agriculture and rural economy which accounts for a fifth of India's GDP and employs 40% of the workforce. Read more »