budget 2022 priorities

Budget 2022 misses the point on education, innovation

Budget 2022 focus on transportation and communication infrastructure is justified, but it failed to enhance school education infrastructure and to step up skilling efforts. Read more »
rusa fund allocation in budget 2022

Budget 2022: Fund-starved states may fail RUSA

Budget 2022 has allocated Rs 2,042 crore for allocation under RUSA , but most of this may remain unspent. Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Budget 2022: Wrong prescription for unemployment, demand slump

While continuing with supply side incentives, Budget 2022 does pretty little to address the issues of low aggregate demand and unemployment. Read more »
GST regime, budget 2023

Budget 2022: A pathbreaking document, but for wrong reasons

Budget 2022 is the first truly BJP Budget in the sense that it has broken away from the welfarism of the previous Congress governments. Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2022: Towards a clean, green enterprise economy

Budget 2022 lays a great emphasis on public spending and incentivises private investment through various innovative approaches of revenue generation. Read more »
budget 2022 future of indian economy

Budget 2022: Making Indian economy future ready

Budget 2022 is wholly relevant to the new India which is agile, resilient, confident and self-reliant. Read more »
Budget 2022 and financial risks

Budget 2022: Optimism of policy makers may be misplaced

Budget 2022 ignores the risk from a likely rise in global crude prices, monetary tightening by the Federal Reserve and the totally unpredictable trajectory of Covid-19. Read more »
budget 2022 income tax

Budget 2022: A step in the direction towards $5 trillion economy

Budget 2022 doesn’t offer any change in income tax rates or slabs for individual taxpayers, but HNIs will benefit from the cut in surcharge on long-term capital gains tax to 15%. Read more »
Monsoon, agriculture

Budget 2022 has sparks that can trigger farm liberalisation

Budget 2022 does not contain elements of populism to placate angry farmers or woo voters. Read more »
Budget 2023 and agriculture

Budget 2022: A missed opportunity to trigger investment growth in agriculture

Budget 2022 has made an effort to boost growth in agriculture that supports around 140 million households in rural India. Read more »