budget 2022 by nirmala sitharaman today

Budget 2022: An opportunity for govt, Sitharaman to break the pattern

Budget 2022 presents finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman with an opportunity to address issues that matter to millions of Indians – jobs, income and the fundamental right to lead a dignified life. Read more »
economic survey

Economic Survey projects 8-8.5% growth in 2022-23

The Economic Survey says India could become a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25 by spending $1.4 trillion on infrastructure. Read more »
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Budget 2022 may encourage innovation in healthcare

Budget 2022 may contain a number of steps to encourage research and innovation in life sciences and healthcare. Read more »
economic survey 2021-22

Explained: What is Economic Survey, why is it Important

There is a lot of curiosity around the Economic Survey’s growth projections despite the fact that the forecasts by the last few Surveys were way off the mark. Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2022: Electoral and fiscal compulsions will test FM’s balancing skills

Budget 2022 is expected to contain a slew of populist measures in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and UP. Read more »
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Budget 2022: Renewable energy sector seeks duty cuts, expanded PLI scheme

Apart from supporting India’s nascent renewable energy sector, Budget 2022 will seek to create a fiscal roadmap for achieving the country’s net zero commitment and emission targets. Read more »
Indian middle class

Spectre of inflation comes back to haunt Indian economy

While several central banks including the Federal Reserve have started acting on inflation, the RBI seems to be worried about the possible fallout on post-Covid economic recovery. Read more »
Indian railways, budget 2023, FM Nirmala Sitharaman will present budget 2022 on February 1.

Budget 2022: India should spend its way out of post-Covid economic crisis

Budget 2022 will target twin objectives of reviving the Indian economy and gaining a firm foothold in the global economy. Read more »
A Budget 2022 wishlist for public health

Budget 2022: 10 ideas for a healthy India, booming economy

A Budget 2022 wishlist: Indian economy needs higher investment in improving delivery of public health services. Read more »

Budget 2022: Govt faces Hamletian dilemma on subsidies

The government would like to cut subsidies in Budget 2022, but the question is whether it can afford to do it just ahead of the crucial assembly elections in five states. Read more »