Budget 2021 agriculture

Farmers protest: Is contract farming a bad thing for farmers?

Findings of a survey conducted in five states show that contract farming offers better returns to the farmer. Is the farmers protest misguided? Read more »
global warming and climate change

Climate change: Green infrastructure key to keeping temperatures low in cities

The study by scientists at the University of Illinois establishes that humidity plays an important role in creating warmer climate in cities. Read more »
towards stakeholder capitalism

Stakeholder Capitalism: A code for future-proofing governance

Board members must strive for high ESG scores, high quality enterprise risk and opportunity management, and exponential growth. Read more »
Vaccine hesitancy in rural india

Covid-19 vaccine: Compulsory licensing key to equal access

The unprecedented damage to human lives and the economy is justification enough for compulsory licensing of coronavirus vaccines. Read more »
PSU Bank privatisation

Budget 2021: Nirmala Sitharaman should build on these three pillars

Three ideas for General Budget 2021: Sustainability and regeneration, education and health for all, and a block chained India. Read more »
farm bill 2020

Holistic agriculture policy key to ending agrarian distress

A solution to the agrarian crisis will come from an integrated policy that will link agriculture to various government departments working on rural development. Read more »
Covid 19 vaccine drive

Covid-19 vaccine: India readies extensive rollout plan

The government’s plans for Covid-19 immunisation should not come at the expense of other life-saving vaccinations. Read more »
farmer bill 2020

Farmers protest: Market-friendly options for ensuring MSP

The MSP policy must ensure that procurement of paddy and wheat meets food security needs, and price deficiency payment for the remaining 21 crops. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

New Year 2021: Covid-19 vaccines, Biden presidency offer hope

A third wave of Covid-19 in the US and the discovery of a new virulent strain of coronavirus in the UK could threaten the economic recovery. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

How disruptive technologies are changing global trade

Global trade is getting disrupted by technologies such as AI, automation, robotics, and 3D printing. Read more »