USEPA cuts PM2.5 limits

USEPA’s tougher PM2.5 limits ignite debate on impact, equity

The US watchdog prioritises evidence-based policy on PM2.5 limits to protect citizens from air pollution. Read more »
climate change and Indian women

Climate change: India needs gender-responsive policy solutions

While climate change impacts everyone, Indian women are disproportionately vulnerable due to water scarcity, livelihood loss, and limited access to resources. Read more »
state of economy, economic growth, MSP,

MSP programme must evolve with India’s future food needs

A NITI Aayog report proposes shifting the focus of MSP programme away from subsidised staples, but the protesting farmers may beg to differ. Read more »

Global semiconductor market: India makes a bold play for a toehold

India's late entry into the semiconductor game is fueled by ambition, strategic partnerships, and a focus on domestic talent. #semiconductor Read more »
capex growth, private capital expenditure

Low private capital expenditure a damper on Indian economy

As government spending slows, the spotlight shifts to private capital expenditure to fuel India's ambitious growth path. Read more »
Investment Facilitation for Development agreement at Abu Dhabi ministerial of WTO

Investment Facilitation for Development deal sparks conflict at WTO

Cracks appear ahead of Abu Dhabi ministerial as China pushes Investment Facilitation for Development agreement, and India leads opposition citing WTO overreach. Read more »
AYUSH, Ayurveda

Govt needs to bridge the gap between AYUSH promotion and progress

Underutilisation and implementation challenges cast a shadow on India's dream of mainstreaming traditional medicine with AYUSH thrust. #AYUSH #Ayurveda #healthcare Read more »
Indian products with GI tag

India can learn from China’s GI tag success story

India can replicate China’s success in strategically leveraging its GI tagged products and traditional knowledge, writes Ravindan AM. Read more »
Big Tech regulation

Big tech regulation: Lessons for India from Korean fiasco

South Korea's stalled attempt for Big Tech regulation highlights the global struggle to rein in tech giants while fostering healthy digital ecosystems. #BigTech #SouthKorea #India Read more »
India critical minerals mining

Critical minerals: India seeks independence amid global uncertainty

The government is looking to unlock domestic reserves of critical minerals, and forge strategic alliances in its quest for self-reliance. Read more »