The rupee free fall

RBI battles relentless rupee slide: Can fresh investments stem the tide?

Despite RBI intervention, the rupee remains vulnerable due to a potential shift in US monetary policy and global economic slowdown. #rupee #monetarypolicy #RBI Read more »
India demographic dividend

Modi 3.0: Bold reforms needed to Unleash demographic dividend

India must address the mismatch between education and the demands of the modern job market to capitalise on its demographic dividend. Read more »
India's residential real estate market

Residential real estate: Rising demand fuels double-digit growth

India's residential real estate market is witnessing a boom fuelled by strong demand and infrastructure development. #realestate #housing Read more »
economic inequality in India on the rise

A New Deal: Modi 3.0 must address economic inequality

Investing in public services, reforming taxes, and empowering women are crucial steps towards reducing economic inequality. Read more »
RBI norms for overseas funds

Overseas funds: Indian investors go global as RBI eases norms

RBI's relaxed regulations empower Indian investors to diversify their portfolios with overseas funds. Read more »
AI boost to productivity

AI can trigger productivity growth, economic boom

While boosting productivity is crucial, AI's true potential lies in fostering innovation and sustainability. Read more »
Special category status

Explained: Special category status to Bihar, Andhra will open a pandora’s box

Special category status offers financial aid to a few states, creating an uneven playing field for others. #financecommission #Bihar #AndhraPradesh #specialcategorystatus Read more »
China leads the world in green hydrogen

China surges ahead in green hydrogen race, threatens fossil fuel dominance

China's progress in electrolyser capacity positions it as a world leader in green hydrogen production. Read more »
road safety and tyre quality

Road safety: India’s tyre industry faces acid test

Despite a flourishing modern car market, India grapples with road safety issues, and tyre industry has a crucial role to play. Read more »
climate change tipping point

Climate change: New study says 92% of global warming man-made

Record warming in 2023 issues climate change warning, calls for urgent action to avoid catastrophic tipping points. Read more »