multidimensional poverty report by niti aayog

Multidimensional Poverty: Niti Aayog report points to need for course correction

The political leadership must take National Multidimensional Poverty Index seriously and focus on deprivation in parameters such as health, education and living standards. Read more »
cryptocurrency regulation RBI India

Cryptocurrency: Govt, RBI must exercise utmost caution

The RBI and the finance ministry should take lessons from the gradual opening of capital accounts and weather the pressure to legalise cryptocurrency. Read more »
Climate change impact on Kerala

Climate change: Kerala must invest in forecasts, mitigation plans

Kerala will continue to face extreme weather events triggered by climate change and needs to work on better forecasts and long-term mitigation plans. Read more »
ban on non-vegetarian food vending

Gujarat ban on non-vegetarian food vending illogical, harmful

The ban on non-vegetarian food vending in major municipalities of Gujarat lacks any plausible reason and endangers livelihood of street vendors. Read more »
World not investing enough in handwashing.

Time to come clean on handwashing investment

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on handwashing and ways of getting clean water and soap to billions of people who need them. Read more »
national education policy 2020

Education policy: Lessons for India from Taiwan economic miracle

There are lessons for India from Taiwan miracle that has a lot to do with the country's flexible education policy that promoted technological and vocational education. Read more »
Repeal of farm laws may not solve the agrarian crisis

Battle over farm laws may just have ended in stalemate

As the government announced the repeal of the farm laws, the farmers have raised the pitch for their core demand – a universal MSP within mandis and outside. Read more »
five years of demonetisation

Five years of demonetisation: Economy is highly digitised, but cash remains the king

The only enduring success of demonetisation is the triggering of a digitally enabled fourth industrial revolution. Read more »
Repeal of farm laws by Modi government

Repeal of farm laws will impact the future of agriculture reforms

The success of their agitation against the farm laws may embolden farmers to seek more concessions from the government. Read more »
women officers in Indian armed forces

Gender inclusivity can help armed forces overcome manpower shortage

By recruiting women, India’s armed forces can meet the severe shortage of hands while addressing the inclusivity issue. Read more »