demographic dividend

Rewarding inefficiency: Delimitation of Lok Sabha, state assembly seats can wait

Any move towards the delimitation of the Lok Sabha and assembly seats will result in the loss of representation of states/districts that managed to control population growth. Read more »
Ukraine conflict and UN reforms

Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights need for UN reforms

The Ukraine conflict will amplify the call for UN reforms as the Russian veto in the Security Council stopped the UN from effectively intervening to stop the war. Read more »
Ukraine Russia conflict and Indian economy

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Indian economy

The Ukraine crisis will test the resilience of the Indian economy to withstand global events. Read more »
Informalisation in labour market

Labour market: Concerns over informalisation of workforce

India needs to address the anomalies in the labour market as large-scale informalisation of workforce results in vulnerability and decent work deficit. Read more »
inflation and interest rates

Easing of public debt burden will cause economic disruption

High public debt is acceptable in situations like a pandemic, but the government should live within its means under normal circumstances. Read more »
UGC, Higher education, foreign university

Philosophy of economics, policy science and ideology

There is evidence that point towards the infeasibility of universal laws of economics, or hidden variables that account for heterogeneous event-outcomes. Read more »
Budget 2022, farmers and UP elections

UP polls: Did Budget 2022 do enough to placate angry farmers

Hopes that the government would pump money into the farm sector were belied by the fiscal conservatism of Budget 2022. Read more »
India's digital education focus

Digital education push welcome, but not at the cost of institutions

There is no denying that digital education is the need of the hour -- but it should supplement the existing system, not substitute it. Read more »

RBI holds interest rates, braces to back govt borrowing

The Reserve Bank of India will try to limit interest rate hikes unless crude oil prices shoot through the roof. Read more »
GST regime, budget 2023

Budget 2022: A pathbreaking document, but for wrong reasons

Budget 2022 is the first truly BJP Budget in the sense that it has broken away from the welfarism of the previous Congress governments. Read more »