MSME sector

India’s MSME sector: A crucible of challenges and resilience

Despite facing a multitude of challenges, India's MSME sector remains a vital pillar of the economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment. #MSMEs #industry #GDP Read more »
MSME sector

Industry 4.0: MSMEs need policy support, skilling efforts

MSMEs are the backbone of Indian economy, and they must embrace Industry 4.0 to stay competitive. #gdpgrowth #digitalinfrastructure Read more »
MSME sector budget 2023 wishlist

Budget 2023: 10 suggestions to kickstart MSME sector

The government must establish a separate ministry for micro enterprises that constitute 99% of the MSMEs as they need different policies, different support and different growth strategies, writes KE Raghunathan. Read more »

Govt launches ZED certification scheme 2.0 for MSMEs

ZED certification scheme looks to help MSMEs reduce wastage, increase productivity, improve environmental consciousness, and expand markets. Read more »
Atmanirbhar Bharat is a programme of enormous magnitude and scope, however, most of the benefits will accrue only in the long run

Atmanirbhar Bharat amid Covid-19 pandemic: Prospects and challenges

Atmanirbhar Bharat seeks to create a self-reliant India and focuses on five key areas -- economy, infrastructure, systems, demography, and demand. Read more »
India's labour codes and labour reforms

India at 75: A vision for equal access to credit for MSMEs

India cannot restore its lost glory without booming MSMEs, and must provide 75-100% credit guarantee to small businesses struggling without access to credit. Read more »
PLI scheme for telecom

Make in India: Govt extends PLI scheme to telecom, networking manufacturers

PLI scheme will boost telecom and networking equipment manufacturing in India with a Rs 12,195 crore outlay over five years. Read more »
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NBFCs need a lender of last resort; SIDBI and NABARD can do the job

NBFC offer loans to MSMEs and individuals for 24-48 months. They need funds for a similar period in order to maintain a healthy asset-liability match. Read more »
India's four labour codes

Insolvency resolution: Why corporate MSMEs deserve special treatment

India’s gross domestic product had a great fall in the first quarter of 2020-21, pushing the economy into deep uncertainty. The sharp contraction of the economy made a huge dent on the... Read more »
India covid coronavirus pandemic response

Focus on life, livelihood key to an inclusive post-Covid economy

The demand-side interventions should focus on sustainable agriculture and MSMEs that take care of the concerns by the worker and the entrepreneur. Read more »