Fed rate hikes end

Fed hikes benchmark rate by 25 bps, signals end to aggressive tightening

The Federal Open Market Committee unanimously decided to raise the federal funds rate to 5-5.25%, a level unseen since the global financial crisis. Read more »
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RBI MPC meet: Market braces for a moderate interest rate hike

The RBI panel is unlikely to go in for another aggressive interest rate hike that could hurt growth at a time when the global economy is staring at a recession. Read more »
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Inflation cools, but RBI may continue with interest rate hikes

Fears of a global recession and uncertainties over commodity prices may force RBI to continue with interest rate hikes, but easing of inflation offers respite. Read more »
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Sticky inflation: RBI note to govt may blame supply side factors

RBI monetary policy committee may continue with inflation targeting through interest rate hikes till the repo rate hits 6.50-6.75% levels. Read more »
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Surging dollar: Emerging markets struggle to weather economic impact

The emerging markets are left with no option but to match Fed rate hikes as they fight economic slowdown, currency depreciation against the dollar, and soaring inflation. Read more »
interest rate hikes, inflation

Interest rates: RBI should go easy on monetary tightening

RBI need not worry about the interest rate differential as the real policy rate in India is around (-)1.50% while that in the US is (-)5.3%. Read more »
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RBI may raise key interest rate by 50 bps on global cues

While there is a need for frontloaded policy tightening, the terminal interest rate need not be very high, given the confusing nature of inflation. Read more »
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War on inflation: How interest rate will begin to bite

RBI interest rate hike: Policymakers and central banks around the globe continue to battle inflation amid critical geopolitical situations and look to avoid recession by tightening their monetary policy. Read more »
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Fed effects another massive interest rate hike amid conflicting signals

The Federal Reserve hikes benchmark interest rate by 75 bps for the second consecutive time, but needs to thread cautiously as the US economy is already showing signs to slowing. Read more »
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Post-Covid recovery: RBI monetary policy must address capital depletion in MSMEs

The RBI monetary policy should keep interest rate, future guidance on monetary policy unchanged and ensure smooth credit flow to MSMEs. Read more »