Budget 2025 presented on February 1, 2024.

Budget 2025 bets on infrastructure, fiscal prudence

Revenue surge to fund growth of railways and roads; subsidies trimmed as Budget 2025 eyes long-term fiscal stability. Read more »
The rupee free fall

State economies on course to achieve fiscal targets

India’s state economies are performing a fine balancing act as they strive to achieve conflicting targets of inclusive growth and fiscal prudence. Read more »
global economy facing recession

Beyond borrowing: The ripple effects of fiscal deficit on inflation

Fiscal deficits trigger complex macroeconomic forces that contribute to inflationary pressure, impacting public debt, household well-being, and income distribution. #fiscaldeficit #inflation #interestrate Read more »
RBI raises repo rate by 25 basis points

India stares at fiscal strain despite robust tax collections

Various new schemes announced by the government will cause enormous fiscal strain despite record GST and direct tax collections this year. Read more »
Repo rate

Indian economy: GST collections bring cheer, but concerns over recovery linger

The growth in GST collections points to a recovery, but questions remain over the trajectory of Indian economy in the coming fiscal. Read more »
Tamil Nadu economy and covid-19

Covid-19 impact: Tamil Nadu economy in a spot of bother

Tamil Nadu economy is in a precarious position – just one wrong step by the new government can send the state finances flying off the cliff. Read more »
Budget 2021 by nirmala sitharaman

Budget 2021: A bagful of surprises from finance minister

In Budget 2021, the finance minister seems to have utilised the pandemic-led fiscal slippage to clean up the government’s books at a modest marginal cost. Read more »
e-procurement of government purchases

Budget 2021: Government borrowing and its implications for economy

As the government was forced to raise debt to meet the health crisis and the economic slowdown, Budget 2021 should focus on a phased reduction of public debt. Read more »
Budget 2021 to be presented by Nirmala Sitharaman

Budget 2021 will be a tight-rope walk for Modi government, Indian economy

Budget 2021 will be a tough balancing act for the government as it strives to meet conflicting ends of fiscal discipline and stimulus for economic revival. Read more »
Budget 2021 by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Budget 2021: High fiscal deficit inevitable, but govt must have a roadmap for future

The finance minister may be tempted to introduce a coronavirus cess in Budget 2021, but it will do more harm than good at present. Read more »