Indian middle class

Indian middle class: Aspiring giants, still facing economic bumps

Sluggish FMCG sales expose the chinks in the armour of the Indian middle class, and the upcoming budget holds the key to unlocking its true economic potential. #FMCG #middleclass #Budget2024 Read more »
unemployment rate is not a nuanced policy tool

Explained: The nexus of monetary policy, inflation, and economic growth

The #globaleconomy needs an accountable and thoughtful approach to monetary policy to ensure #sustainablegrowth and #stability in an interconnected world, writes Charan Singh. Read more »
global economy facing recession

Global economy needs coordinated action to mitigate risks

The global economy is facing multiple challenges and uncertainties, from the impact of rising interest rates to the struggles of key sectors and the persistence of #inflation. #globalrecession #economicgrowth Read more »
India Inc, capex

Moody’s lists challenges to India’s economic growth

Moody's Investors Service has highlighted some significant downside risks to economic growth while affirming India's sovereign credit rating at Baa3 with a stable outlook. #gdpgrowth #indianeconomy Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals to possible ones

Achieving India's sustainability goals will depend on the ability to balance economic growth with environmental imperatives. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
The 16th Finance Commission needs to address the complaints from the southern states

Expenditure quality at state level key to sustainable growth

The states must focus on improving expenditure quality in infrastructure, research and development, healthcare, and education to drive #economicgrowth, says an #RBI report. #gdpgrowth #publicspending Read more »
India's Q4 GDP growth rate

India’s stellar Q4 GDP growth rate unveils hidden narratives

India's GDP growth rate of 6.1% in January-March 2023 stands out amid a global downturn, raising hopes of 7.2% growth for the financial year 2022-23. Read more »
October 2023 global trade report by WTO

‘Inflation threat overstated; India will grow at steady pace’

Inflation in India is not because of fiscal or monetary profligacy, so there is no need to emulate aggressive rate hikes by the West. Read more »
Fiscal policies must target inclusive growth

Economic policy for achieving sustainable, inclusive growth

Empirical studies have shown that supportive fiscal policies, globalisation and free trade are key to achieving strong, sustained and inclusive growth. Read more »
Repo rate

Indian economy: GST collections bring cheer, but concerns over recovery linger

The growth in GST collections points to a recovery, but questions remain over the trajectory of Indian economy in the coming fiscal. Read more »