RBI repo rate cut

eRupee explained: How will India’s CBDC work

eRupee is conceived as an additional form of currency that will supplement paper money, and should not be confused with cryptocurrencies. Read more »
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Indian economy crosses another milestone, but worries linger

Lacklustre GDP, inflation numbers mar the celebrations as Indian economy pips the UK to become the fifth largest. Read more »
CBAM blow to steel exports to EU

Damage control: A case for scrapping export duty on steel

A thorough cost-benefit analysis needs to be done to ascertain if the export duty on steel had delivered the desired outcomes. Read more »
Indian railways, Budget 2023 and urban infrastructure

Uttar Pradesh economy: A systemic approach to $1 trillion

The Uttar Pradesh economy can achieve the target of $1 trillion if the state government focuses on human development, skilling, and job creation. Read more »
tobacco regulation failed to cut consumption

‘Tobacco regulation may not work; but fear, shame will’

As the existing tobacco regulations have failed to reduce consumption, there is a need for out-of-the-box measures. Read more »
Ukraine conflict and UN reforms

Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights need for UN reforms

The Ukraine conflict will amplify the call for UN reforms as the Russian veto in the Security Council stopped the UN from effectively intervening to stop the war. Read more »
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A secure savings instrument can solve growth, social security riddles

A savings instrument offering 12% tax-free yield over a 10-year period can trigger the virtuous circle of growth, curtail inflation and create jobs. Read more »
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Budget 2022: Focus on infrastructure, jobs, social security

Budget 2022 must invest in infrastructure to generate jobs, enhance incomes and boost demand in the economy. Read more »
Fiscal policies must target inclusive growth

Widening inequality has serious repercussions for Indian economy

Despite India’s achievements on the economic front, widening income inequality remains a concern. Read more »
Farm laws repealed

Farm laws must widen MSP coverage, ensure profitability

With the repeal of farm laws, it is important to evolve a better MSP regime that offers better prices and more farming options. Read more »