India's poverty reduction efforts fall short.

India’s poverty reduction challenge lies beyond numbers games

Decentralisation, improved data management, and a focus on quality education and healthcare are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction. Read more »
India's unemployment crisis

Unemployment challenge: Policymakers must focus on demographic dividend

India needs to find solutions to the persistent unemployment problem and strive to leverage its demographic dividend. Read more »
Wealth tax

16th Finance Commission’s imperative: Sustainable livelihoods for inclusive growth

As India strives for global leadership, ensuring equity must start at the grassroots, and the 16th Finance Commission holds the key to this. #16thFinanceCommission #India #governance #policy Read more »
big tech dominance over media

Big tech, big money: Why India needs a fair play code for news

The Big Tech must pay a fair revenue share to #media, and free news from unfair algorithms and biased digital ecosystem. #news #ai #india Read more »
agriculture sector productivity

Agriculture sector: Cooperative farming can script success

With the world's largest #cropland and a young #workforce, India can revolutionise its #agriculture sector by taking cues from China's #farming success, writes Dr Aruna Sharma. #agricultureproductivity #farmincome #farmerprotest Read more »
online gaming regulation

Online gaming: India needs innovative approach to regulation

India must strike a balance between innovation, integrity, and responsible gaming to regulate its online gaming industry. #fantasysports #gambling #gst #gamesofskill #gamesofchance Read more »
India's sustainability quest

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals towards achievable ones

India achieving its sustainability goals will hinge on its ability to balance economic growth needs with environmental imperatives, writes Aruna Sharma. #climatechange #globalwarming #SDGs Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals to possible ones

Achieving India's sustainability goals will depend on the ability to balance economic growth with environmental imperatives. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
The rupee free fall

eRupee explained: How will India’s CBDC work

eRupee is conceived as an additional form of currency that will supplement paper money, and should not be confused with cryptocurrencies. Read more »
Despite its impressive GDP growth rates, India's high fiscal deficit and stagnant private investment raise concerns about long-term sustainability of the economic expansion.

Indian economy crosses another milestone, but worries linger

Lacklustre GDP, inflation numbers mar the celebrations as Indian economy pips the UK to become the fifth largest. Read more »