COP26 takeaways

Covid-19 opens window to an inclusive, greener future

Reducing inequalities is the biggest challenge for policy makers as they set out to rebuild the economies ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak. Read more »
india's travel and tourism industry

On a wing and a prayer: India’s travel and tourism industry looking for a bailout

The travel and tourism industry needs incentives in the form of cuts in taxes, fees, and provisions of income support from the government. Read more »
India covid coronavirus pandemic response

Focus on life, livelihood key to an inclusive post-Covid economy

The demand-side interventions should focus on sustainable agriculture and MSMEs that take care of the concerns by the worker and the entrepreneur. Read more »
indian middle class shoppers in a mall

Honey I shrunk the middle class, killed the Indian economy

India faces a peculiar situation -- businesses are not borrowing because of a demand slump, the middle class is borrowing because their incomes have shrunk. Read more »
foreign trade policy without industrial policy

Covid-19 contagion: How will it play out on global economy

A multilateral policy dialogue is essential to evolve appropriate control and policy measures to limit the economic cost of the pandemic. Read more »
Four years of GST

A guide to lifting of lockdown, resuming production

The government could consider constituting a high-level disaster management taskforce with expertise in analysing the socio-economic situation to offer sound advice to policy makers. Read more »
Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

Brick by brick: A revival plan for coronavirus-hit Indian economy

Most sectors of Indian economy are under the grip of a crisis. Naliniprava Tripathy of IIM Shillong puts together a plan to get the economy back on track. Read more »
fiscal conservatism threat to Indian economy

India’s storied middle class may be sliding into poverty

The high single digit growth rate enjoyed by the economy in the last two decades could be a thing of the past if the government fails to address the middle-class distress. Read more »
alcohol revenues of indian states

India’s Faustian bargain: Alcohol revenues trump health, welfare

More than a fourth of India’s workforce is unemployed at present. Opening up of alcohol trade will result in a drain on already dwindling household savings, pushing several families further into financial... Read more »
Congested Indian city

Decongest cities, promote industries in villages to revive economic growth

Apart from short-term measures to mitigate economic pain of the pandemic, the government must also rethink the current development paradigm. Read more »