Explained: Will government’s free Covid vaccine booster drive do the trick?

The educated crowd is hesitant and is waiting for a better Covid vaccine which is more effective and targets the whole virus of evolving strains. Read more »
Vaccine hesitancy in rural india

Vaccine hesitancy in rural areas threatens India’s Covid-19 response

Poor health infrastructure, digital divide, low literacy levels and misinformation about Covid-19 have resulted in vaccine hesitancy that could derail the Covid response in rural India. Read more »

Omicron threat: Covid vaccine will not save you, still go for it

Most Covid vaccines offer no protection against infection from Omicron except for two mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna, but they can protect from serious illness. Read more »
public health spending in budget 2023

Hard lessons: Layers of government must work in tandem to beat Covid-19

The government must channelise all its management and financial resources to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic before the third wave strikes India. Read more »
covid-19 vaccines

Free universal Covid-19 vaccination policy may lead to supply shortages

Modi government must open up production, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccines. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Truth serum: Govt must speed up Covid-19 vaccination drive

India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive is not going great guns as we are made to think, and there are reasons why the political leadership should worry. Read more »
Vaccine hesitancy in rural india

Covid-19 vaccine: Compulsory licensing key to equal access

The unprecedented damage to human lives and the economy is justification enough for compulsory licensing of coronavirus vaccines. Read more »