himalayan springs are drying up

Drying Himalayan springs need urgent attention

The government and local communities should channel their resources to revive Himalayan springs, non-glacial rivers and other traditional water sources. Read more »
demographic dividend through quality education

Rural development: Data use for recreation limits potential of digital technology

Development of local business activities and integration of rural markets with larger supply chains will help India channelise its digital prowess for rural development, says study. Read more »
gender gap in education, literacy

Gender gap: In Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district, women suffer age-old prejudices

Jaisalmer district has a gender gap of 32.3% in literacy rate which is more than twice the national average. Read more »
Women in UP's farmer producer organisations

The invisible women in India’s farmer producer organisations

Without women's participation, farmer producer organisations often struggle to achieve the desired socioeconomic impact. Read more »
effective strategy to reach out to women entrepreneurs

Evolving the right communication strategy for women entrepreneurs

A project launched to identify the right communication strategies to reach out to women entrepreneurs of rural Bihar suggests such campaigns should focus on vocational training, credit facilities, grants, financial inclusion and... Read more »
Vaccine hesitancy in rural india

Vaccine hesitancy in rural areas threatens India’s Covid-19 response

Poor health infrastructure, digital divide, low literacy levels and misinformation about Covid-19 have resulted in vaccine hesitancy that could derail the Covid response in rural India. Read more »
public health spending in budget 2023

Kerala’s Covid-19 response will prove critics wrong

The success of Kerala's Covid-19 response should be gauged by what happens to people when they get infected, and not by how many are getting the infection. Read more »
Covid-19 vaccines availability

India administers 54.6 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines

Kerala leads in Covid-19 vaccine drive among all states, but state accounts for more than half of the new cases in the country. Read more »
Indian middle class

Fruit exports: Can largest producer India storm the global market

In trade negotiations with the US, UK, EU, and Australia, the Indian side must seek the removal of trade barriers and call for better market access for its fruit exports. Read more »
widows in india face unseen problems

Widows in India: Invisible women facing invisible problems

International Widows Day reminds us of the opportunity for action towards achieving full rights and recognition for widows in India. Read more »