Covid 19 vaccine drive

Covid-19 vaccine: Fast action, caution can save lives

A successful plan to counter Covid-19 is just adopting the level of caution of the initial months. Read more »
Budget 2021 focus on public health system

Explainer: Should you be worried about UK’s super spreader Covid-19 variant

The new rapid spreader variant B 1.1.7 has undergone 23 mutations and may be too much to handle for the available vaccines. Read more »
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Will Covid vaccines save the day for US, India, Brazil and Russia

The US, India, Brazil and Russia are examples of what can go wrong when assumptions drive policies -- not science or data. Read more »
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Should survivors get a Covid-19 vaccine shot?

A natural infection may not be enough to protect one for the rest of his/her life -- one needs to take a vaccine to be sure. Read more »
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Covid vaccine race may have multiple winners as leaders break away

At least 68 candidate vaccines are in various stages of human trials – 38 in phase I, 17 in phase II and 13 in phase III. Read more »

Life vs business: The ethical dilemma of the Covid-19 pandemic era

The theory that populations achieve herd immunity when 10-20% get infected is rejected by most epidemiologists who stick to 60-70% threshold for the phenomenon. Read more »
Sweden fights covid19

Covid-19: Lessons for India from Sweden’s disastrous tryst with coronavirus

The Modi government cannot claim success in its fight against the coronavirus, when the Indian effort is compared with those of its South Asian neighbours. Read more »
Kerala model against covid-19 coronavirus infection

Kerala enters the critical stage in its fight against Covid-19

The state definitely needs a revised strategy for the next four weeks -- the government and the public need to act accordingly from now onwards. Read more »
Covid 19 vaccine drive

Race to Covid-19 remedy: Will the Oxford vaccine fail?

The restart of trials brings a sigh of relief for those awaiting a successful vaccine against Covid-19 and for the volunteers who are part of the experiment. Read more »
Budget 2021 healthcare expenditure

Covid-19: Pregnancy and childbirth in the times of coronavirus pandemic

Current evidence suggests that pregnant women are at no greater risk of becoming seriously ill than other healthy adults if they develop coronavirus infection. Read more »